Best of 2009

I risk being a revisionist, but 2009 may have been one of my personal favorite years in gaming ever.  the variety of games that impressed me was truly remarkable.  I had Western and Eastern RPG's,   tons of great genre hybrids that transcend their ingredients, and completely new approaches to genre's we thought were completely dead.  Some great gaming comfort food that never fails to dissapoint (I'm looking at you Popcap and Insomniac.)  Also, lots of shooting dudes in the face.  I may be a liberal peace loving guy, but who doesn't love a good headshot?
There were a ton of indie games I just didn't have space for in my lists, and some games that hold a special place in my heart as a lover of media like the joy that comes from playing in the Abbey road studios with The Beatles and wonderful electro-rock of the Shatter soundtrack and the joy of the retro-chic of the William Pinball Hall of Fame game (Which I picked up just yesterday!!!)
Also, there are lots of games that I know should be on the list, but a lot of them are extremely multi-player focused and I just haven't gotten around to them.  So please, let me get to it!

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