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Nice! Thanks for that! I made it through the first of the typetrial challenges. I need a break before I attempt that second one.

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I played all the way through the game and really enjoyed it. The text on the game's site mentions a "super secret password" hidden in the game. I tried a bunch of stuff but couldn't figure it out. Anyone else have any luck with it?

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I also told Clem to kill me. I figured it was necessary for her to see that in that world, once someone is about to turn, you have to kill them no matter who they are. It sucks to force her to do that, but it's one final important thing that Lee can teach her.

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Hey duders! I am currently running a charity raffle to benefit Child's Play. We have some pretty great sponsors this year and a ton of prizes, so I hope you'll check it out. You can see our page here: www.8bitbrigade.com/ChildsPlay2012, and you can donate through October 27th for a chance to win. If you have any questions about the raffle, post here and I'll be happy to answer. Thanks!

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I'm new to Trackmania, but I just spent an hour on the GB server and it seems pretty awesome.

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Awesome! Thanks! :) 
90 minutes left if anyone wants to make a last minute donation.

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Bump! Only 7 hours or so left.

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Sorry for the short notice, but I'm running a Child's Play fundraiser raffle, and the deadline to donate is tomorrow, Saturday 12/18, at 11:59 PM Eastern.  Full details are here: 

We were lucky enough to get prizes donated from Activision, The Behemoth, Twisted Pixel, PopCap, RedLynx, Insomniac Games, Halo Waypoint/343 Industries, MC Frontalot, and more.  Even if you can only spare a buck or two, it would really help us (and all of those sick kids, too).  Thanks!

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The added features are great, but I gave them my $50 because they have provided me with entertainment, week after week, for free, since 2008.  I consider it a way to say "thank you". 
Also, the t-shirt is pretty bitchin'. ;)

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Aye ee aye ee aye, I'm your little butterfly.

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