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Good vlog, and I'm glad that you're enjoying Super Street Fighter 2. I'm with ya on the online thing, I have about 150 losses and 20 wins, but I just cant stop playing it, it's too damn fun.

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I wish I could play you, and kick your ass with Blanka or Ehona(Charge Characters) but I got a 360. : D
And I'm not sure if its just the 360, but man, those controls have just not aged well. And it really made me sad. I loved RE4, especially the Wii Version, maybe they should just make RE5 Wii Edition with RE4 graphics, but an RE5 look, and RE4 Wii controls. That would be awesome .But like you said, about RE1, RE5 is like controlling a tanks. And Capcom is great.  Err. Back to trying to get to Akuma.

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I wish I had a Ryu headband ....

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  • Great pick up. Yakuza 2.
  • I want that Ryu pad looks sweet.
  • LOL I am wearing the headband too.
  • Lets play again dude.
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Capcom's great... I love Capcom...
And for once, i envy you and your wii. Madworld looks amazing.

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Nice videolog there, even if it was kind of boring.  I also am a fan of Capcom.

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Great Blog.
For some reason I could never get into RE 4.  I can realise it's a high quality game, it just itsn't for me.