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Posted by unclejohn0525

I feel like I ranted about a few things in this one, like fighting games. Whatever, hope you guys like it. And please comment!

Posted by End_Boss

Oh. My. God.
Your room is unacceptable.

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Great vlog, I almost crapped myself when you said that the collection only had 3 games. With the name "Collection", I was almost sure that it was all of the G&W games.

And big props to the Street Fighter and Dead Space love.

Posted by DeVeAn
  • I am saving my coins for something better lol
  • Dude I hope you move your PS3 from that spot.
  • Some hadoukens wooo. Lets play some SF I have it on PS3
Posted by unclejohn0525
  • Good, don't waste your time on Game and Watch
  • I shifted the fan side of the PS3 way over. It has plenty of room on that shelf now.
  • Ok! But be warned I SUCK. Seriously, I'm not kidding... I SUCK at Street Fighter
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I laughed at when you said, "Just give me some Haudokauns."
And I call Smash Bros. a Platform Hitter.

Posted by xShR3Dx

Street Fighter 2 HD Remix is tight.

Posted by SimpsonFan

Wow. I think I just watched a 14 minute video, and was interested the whole time! Keep it up man! Hey, if you want, Add me on PS3. My name is Simdog!

Posted by ElectricHaggis
Nice video blog.
I'm not a big fan of fighting games myself.  When I play Street Fighter I just mash the buttons and in Tekken 2 I back flipped my way through the arcade mode with Law.  I'm not willing to invest the time necessary to become good at them.
Posted by Shinryu

I probably suck at street fighter now. Though i played a mean Ken back in the day, SHORYUKEN!

Posted by phlegms

Great vlog!
My love for fighting games involves drunkenly mashing my fist against a controller in tekken 3 and making law do back flips over and over.

Posted by jadewiz

I win every time in Street Fighter, with the simple act of bashing the controller against my ass.
Also, If you think a Street Fighter control scheme in Subspace Emissary would be hard, just do what you said youd do in one of your old VBlogs.
Dont remember?
Two Words.
Wii Zapper.

Posted by Eric_Buck

Cool vlog. I agree Smash Bros is nothing like any other fighting games. It's the only fighting game I like.

Posted by EightBitWarrior

I wasn't expecting the game & watch collection to have every game, but I was expecting......I dunno, 10 or something, but 3??? lol.

Bringing up Ultimate Battle 22 reminded me of that GS video from way back: