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Forgot to mention in the video, I went and reserved the DSi yesterday. Also, got the weekend of March 14 and 15 off from work to play Resident Evil 5. Please comment!

Untitled from Ethan Riley on Vimeo.

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Still have very little interest in getting Sf iv. Im pretty much done with the fighting game thing at this stage. I may come back for a new tekken, but other then that, Im out.

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You have to buffer in commands. Like while the animation for medium punch is taking place input the command for the hadouken.

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Dude, where are our friends blogs on this new layout! IT's KILLING ME!

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I have little interest in fighting games, so I won't be playing SV IV.  It looks nice though.

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Tim and Eric is borrrrrring haa SUPER JAIL is were its at.
Downloaded it thanks to me....haha

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Hey Ethan please don't erase your GS video blogs. I love your old videos of when you were younger it's fun to go back and watch them. Oh and I wanted to know do you buy those Playstation Network cards to buy PS Network games or do you have a debit or credit card?

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Tim and Eric = #1! Besides The Simpsons...

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ahahhah camden doing the hadouken