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I think the OP's point is not that they are to be derided because didn't like the game, I think he's just poitig out how superficial was their appreciation for the "experience" the game provided. Nonetheless I disagree that these people are the COD crowd. It's more likely that the majority are your typical RPG nerds who are complaining that the "art" games are taking their favourite hobby away, because the game is mechanically barebone and it's two-to-three hours long.

I'm actually pretty astouned by the rage this game seemed to provoke. I mean, when I play something unusual and I don't like it, I'm happy to express a critical opininon. I'm HAPPY to discuss it, I HAPPILY say my piece and talk with my peers. I didn't like Heavy Rain, not at all, I found it very poorly executed in every aspect it should have delivered (storyteling, pacing, acting). I'm happy I played and experienced it. Maybe I'm not satisfied but I'm happy I can express this opinion to you. I'm not enraged at all by this kind of conversation, on the contrary I think that the conversation and the awareness within the gaming community may raise the common standard for this kind of games. Maybe I'm just getting... old ;)

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I played Starship Damrey expecting to love it, and I didn't like it at all. Sure it was superficially interesting but it had all the bad tropes of adventure games in the style of Myst, plus it wasn't very interactive and controlled poorly.

I then played Attack of the Friday Monsters and I love it completely. I immediatly look at it as a piece of semi-interactive fiction. It never promised any interaction and so I was really glad when I got some. Super-charming and relaxing.

The "salute" between the protagonist and the cop is worth the price of admission.

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Bought it yesterday and I'm really liking it. The music is great, very charming and "nostalgic".

About the gameplay, the collectathon mechanic is just an excuse to get you to explore the whole village, which you wanna do anyway, but given that you're new in town it gives you an adventure-y feel. It's satisfying for what it tries to accomplish and what that is.

Someone drew the comparison to studio Ghibli, and to Ni No Kuni, but I'm also getting a great "Inaba" vibe, if you know what I mean...

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@scrawnto: I don't know about that. I "use" the computer: lots of applications open at the same time, one IDE snapped on one side of the screen, firefox on the other side, a peek at the crowded desktop, several downloads queued... Metro just gets in the way. Windows 7 is the XP of the '10, it's not perfect but it gets the job done, 8 it's quite the same thing, quite aprt that I have to continously ask myself "now, where did they hide the setting I'm looking for...?"

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Ok look, I love video games. I mean I really do. From playing my first gaming system, the Playstation, to gaming on the 360, I just love it.

Solved. Continue gaming if that's something you like. If you don't like trolls and fanboys, then I guess it naturally follows that you shouldn't read what they have to say. Seriously, don't let the internet consume you: go out and excercise (it naturallly drains frustrations), read a book (they are like the videogames of the past 3000 years), watch a movie... and then play a good game. It's great, I'm old, trust me.

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Huge MGS nut here. I thought I would have been really mad, but I'm ok with it. Mainly because the moment Big Boss turns into the bad guy is approaching, and that only means that young snake (voiced by Hayter) must appear at some time :D

No seriously, I'm just happy they are making another one (or two) of these games.

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@TopCat88 said:

It is a shallow attempt to sell more copies of their game to boys. I agree that it's daft. It is not sexist. Sexist is hating women, not hiring or promoting a woman because of gender or giving a woman a lower salary. A collectible statue of a woman (dismembered, naked, alive, dead or otherwise) isn't sexist. It is distasteful.

No matter how to you put it, "not hiring or promoting a woman because of gender or giving a woman a lower salary", it's sexist and hateful. You see sexism is a social phenomenon based on hate towards women, either explicit or implied. It doesn't matter. Not hiring a woman, "because she's a woman", it's exactly that.

Now, just saying "it's distasteful" is the kind of word juggling we don't need. The attempt to reduce the complexity and gravity of things doesn't help anyone. This case is layered with several things that make it a bad PR stunt: the statue is sexist (again, implicitly or explicitly, it doesn't matter), it's distasteful, and it's a cry for attention. These three points of view don't exclude each other.

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It's an android platform. That doesn't mean that it will host ONLY phone games. It will surely have a dedicated version of the android Market with games specifically optimized for that experience. Then it will have angry birds, who's everywhere anyway.

It's basically new cheap hardware for interested forward-thinking players and emerging developer. Why everyone's freaking out?! It's a new opportunity. God, people really love the chains that confine them....

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my advice: play any game you want first, but make sure to check out the controls before playing. There's no a proper complete tutorial on the controls and they can get pretty complex, multi.layered, and definitely unconventional (in MGS1, MGS2 and MGS3 you fire the guns with the square button). Especially MS3 has strange controls that require some attention. Once you mastered it, though, it's really satisfying to pull off crazy mgs moves!

These game are meant to be played like "a snake", mastering the battlefield, feeling like a badass. So check for guides online to get a round up of the controls and then use the first levels to train a bit before adventuring in too much. You will get alot more enjoyement from the game this way.

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I actually enjoyed my time with the game alot, especially because tof the tone and setting more than the story and the gameplay mechanics. I quite liked the second part twist and the finale was disappointing more because of some bad acting and rush than because of the story itself.

That said, if I detach myself from the time I had with the game, I cannot a disagree that the game is profoundly flawed. They nailed the setting, but the open world is totally useless (I went through the second part without driving myself). It's an adventure game without any puzzle, the exposition sometime makes no sense at all, the interview system screwed me all the time because there's just one right answer at the time. And, most of all, it's probably the first game with totally zero replayability I ever encountered, if I don't get some brain damage in the near future, I cannot see myself play it again ever. Also the DLC was clearly pulled from the main game (bastards) and, even if I bought the season pass for all the DLCs, the consul's car case wasn't included for the PS3 in the pass (but it's in the store now -> no thanks).

So a big disappointment? yes. A good game? I still feel compelled to say yes nonetheless.

But those are just my 2 cents. If you didn't like it so far I don't think that the end game will change that.Maybe let it sink for a while and then give it another chance.

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