Gamespot sucks now

Can't even sign up to create a new account. Don't remember your password? Hey they don't remember your email address. Want to make a new one, hey your email address is already in use, even if it's not. Let's see what new games came out this week, lots of empty thumbnail spaces with zero information, Mature rated Japanese Language Only PORN GAMES...

Remember when you could check New Releases and get a list of top New Releases and click "See All New Releases" to see more? No more of that.

So now, the one last value Gamespot actually had, as an easy browser for new and upcoming releases, is gone. Now it's nothing but a dying forum of trolls and idiot investors throwing their money away.

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Posted by Sweep

Welcome to Giant Bomb. It's a pleasure to have you here.

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papers, please

Posted by Brodehouse

Cause no trouble.

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More like LameSpot, heh, heh.. heh. Am I right? Lame Spot, get it? Heh.

I replaced the G with an L to make it spell Lame instead of Game. LameSpot.

I have an anime avatar so you know I'm cool.

Posted by FunkasaurasRex

You guys, is it 2008 again?! There are so many things I have to fix!

Posted by EchoEcho

Welcome to Giant Bomb...?

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@groin said:

papers, please


Welcome man!

Posted by RedRavN

dude same thing happened to me. Gamespot says I don't have an account tied to my email despite telling me that my e-mail is already in use. I can't login to my account or create a new one.

Posted by Deathstriker

Was it ever good? IGN and Gamespot have always seemed lame to me. They often get news first since they're the biggest, but that's about it... don't care about their reviews or features.

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Wait, is there naked cartoon pussy on Gamespot now?

Posted by oldenglishC

Apparently there is some french gentleman on that website, that some people want to join the staff here at Giant Bomb.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Wait, is there naked cartoon pussy on Gamespot now?

Pussy? No.

Posted by Demoskinos

Well this is sure an introduction.

Posted by Ravenlight

Gonna make the wild claim that GS has sucked for a number of years.

Posted by KirillOrlov

Welcome to GB, I hope you don't like video players...

Posted by Sweep

Honestly don't know why I left this open. Let's not create threads bitching about other websites, please. We're better than that.

Everybody say bye threeeeeaaad!