Post #1: the golden path of glory

Almost one year ago I posted a blog entry on GiantBomb about how I was going to change my life, move out of my aunt’s small apartment and basically walk the golden path of glory! I must admit, things were going great around that time, I had just won a scholarship, gained some notice among everybody I knew, came really close to being monetary self- sufficiency   and even better, summer was fast approaching which meant three months of non-stop partying.

You might think that there’s a negative note coming, that I somehow screwed up, you’d be wrong. From a material standpoint summer 2010 was one of the great ones; I got myself an Xbox, upgraded my computer, finally got that iPhone that I had been dreaming about and still had enough money left over to support myself for a whole year.

“But something did go wrong, right?” you might be tempted to ask, after all, what kind of jerk just blogs about how good he’s had it. Unfortunately no matter how much money you throw at someone, it won’t change that person. It’s like that tired old proverb of teaching someone to fish. I became so obsessed with making the best of what I had that I forgot the most important thing, actually having a good time.

Time passed, the money ran out and I’m back at square one. Some good did come out of all of this, I did become confident in myself and my actions and I’m less afraid to go nuts and have a good time.

I’ve also started recapping algorithms, programming and will be posting on this blog more often.  I’ve actually become really interested in writing, I want to be good at it but it’s kind of hard especially since my English skills are a bit limited. Hopefully practice will make perfect and if you have any suggestions please comment, I could use some encouragement.


No mice, no problem!

I'm back in Bucharest at the moment doing a little apartment hunting. College is starting soon and I need to secure some lodgings since I wasn't able to qualify for a dorm room(too many failed exams :(  ). Staying at my aunt for now;  it's pretty clear she's not very pleased about it, you'd think that after living together for two years we'd get along better. Still, I'm going to miss this place, I was forbidden from bringing someone over (a huge impediment for a college student) and I couldn't make too much noise or come home late etc. but there were also some good times. I remeber spending a whole winter playing Persona 4 and then 3 or going through Fallout 3 and bugging my friends daily about my awesome Abraham Lincoln hat And rifle.
Ah well, out with the old and in with the new. Hopefully I'll be able to move out soon and get to partying.
On the down side I'm mouseless at the moment. Returning to Bucharest, even for a few days implies that I bring my desktop along since I don't own a laptop. My aunt was kind enough to keep my computer at her place so that wasn't a problem but I forgot to bring a mouse for it (my old Razer Krait died a few weeks back). I can't go and buy one because it's saturday night, I doubt any stores are open. Instead the "Help and Support" option in Windows XP prooved usefull(for the first time) and an alternative was found, something called MouseKeys. Now the numpad acts as a mouse, problem solved !