Action Half-Life, or Hondo's maddening secrets.

Action Half-Life?


Action Half-Life (or AHL from now on), was a 1999 multiplayer based mod for the original HL, by the creators of Action Quake 2.

It provided new weapons (akimbos too) and handling, movement options (shootdodge ala Max Payne, wall jumps), special items, was very well balanced and had loads and loads of maps dedicated to it's form of multiplayer goodness, usually focused around deathmatch.

Now defunct, old AHL maps can be played on a newer incarnation dubbed AHL:Director's Cut, downloadable from

So, who is this 'Hondo' you speak of?

Brian McClelland, aka Hondo, is an infamous AHL mapmaker, known not only for his great deathmatch maps, but also for the secrets hidden within them, some of which span larger than the main play area itself.

Also, despite what some would have you believe Hondo is not an asian girl.

Now you may be asking yourself what kind of secrets, well... some of them are kinda dark and a little twisted, two of which interconnect in a small narrative, and one is so abstract you don't even know what you're looking at while you try to coordinate a co-op buddy into hitting switches with you.

All of Hondo's AHL maps/source code is available at

So, let me take you on a journey to the center of one man's mind, a man who dreams of evil corporations, demonic gods, the future of man kind, and abstract modern art clocks.

Part 1: No Credit

Hondo Co, a Federal Credit union is at war with the Circle-H Gas and Convenience station over some bad financial deals, and a demon slumbers deep in the bowels of the city streets.

Part 2: Endless Rain 2

Global warming and pollution have caused corrosive rain to fall 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Cities have been sealed off for health and convenience.
Some years after the time of Endless Rain, you are a drone living on "floor" 360, the top of the Ohn Conglomorate residential tower (a subsidiary of Hondo Co). Each floor of the tower is actually a self-contained multilevelled living area, containing living quarters, hygenic facilities, a cafeteria, some common areas, and an atrium.
Something in your floor hasn't been right lately. Ever since the fish vanished from the aquarium, ever since the people in the lower apartments disappeared and the area was sealed off, ever since the energy rail station closed, ever since the central elevator core stopped accepting your access card.
Now it's almost curfew time, but you're not staying in tonight.
Something's happened and they don't want anyone getting in or out.
If they come for you tonight, you'll not go without a fight.

-the er2 readme file.

I need your help!

The next video cannot proceed without the help of my fellow duders, two of the next secrets require multiple people (well at least one more person) to complete, thus I need a partner(s) to continue recording!

If you'd like to participate send a message to my Steam profile: Reiveth