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@rapid: character name: VictoryBlitz can I join?

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@corevi: The PS3 outsold the Xbox 360

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I've never seen this linked here before, if it has I'm sorry, but this is some pretty interesting info on site traffic statistics for Giant Bomb. Unfortunately the most interesting info is behind a pay wall but what's there for free is definitely worth a look.

Anyone else surprised about what the even limited info available says about Giant Bomb?

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@bargainben: @bargainben: Its just that its incredibly frustrating to be on the other end of, to just suddenly be killed with nothing you can do to prevent it, though you may be right that it would make the multiplayer more bland were they completely removed. I think a good compromise if maybe the damage on them was lessened so that instead of an insta-kill they do something like 50% damage that way those on the recieving end still have a fighting chance and it could encourage team play and play into the lore described "class roles" aka you have a titan charge in and do their ground pound and a hunter hanging back ready to pick off the weakened enemies because the time it would take to for the titan to do and recover from the ground slam animation would leave him vulnerable. What do you think of that idea? I just think that having a multiplayer experience where you're constantly getting killed and there's nothing you can do to atleast feel like you could of prevented it or learned from the experience, its just frustrating

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@oldirtybearon: But when do you reach the point of diminishing returns of money required to make a game look amazing and sales, the cost of developing games is skyrocketing and the more realistic the game the more money that must be spent

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@sooty said:

They were impressive graphics but after Crysis 3 hitting this week it wasn't quite as big an impact as it may have been otherwise, for me.

I wanted to fall asleep during the another driving game and another Killzone parts.

At this point I just want to see some serious AI improvements and larger worlds littered with content, not large worlds that are devoid of soul and things to do like most open world games.

Yes what I want from this generation is games that simply weren't possible on the PS3, a la Assassin's Creed 1 and the PS2

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During the PS4 conference today the games looked very good, but they looked like the games we already have but with a higher poly count but essentially the same. When you go back and look at the difference between PS2 games and their sequels on the PS3 the difference is staggering, the games shown today all look like they could be scaled down to run on the PS3. Did anyone else feel that the graphics, while impressive, weren't that impressive? Am I simply too jaded to appreciate the awesomness of PS4 graphics?

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@Stonyman65: None of that is true I'm currently in the process of potentially enlisting also combat deployments end in 2014 so why don't you do some research before spouting nonsense

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This might get deleted but thought it might be worth it for the public service, you can totally go download CS:GO right now even though the splash page is still papo & yo and the counterstrike page says preorder counter strike the PS Store doesn't appear to have updated but it in fact has