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@raven_sword Oh okay, I didn't know you planned on cruising around town picking up chicks in your pussy magnet. You're right, not many hondas or toyotas will get you any action. However I still stand by my 'no american cars' statement.

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My advice is to avoid american cars, unless you're looking for a truck.

If looks are important to you, take a quick look at the new corollas. The sports one looks pretty neat both on the outside and the inside. The LE, CE, etc models also look nice. Your mechanic is right, avoid the Dodges and Fords. Too many people in my life buy new fords and issues pop up so quickly. I just came back from Japan, and 95% of the cars were toyotas, so they must be doing something right, but maybe someone living in Japan can enlighten me and tell me what is actually up with that. When I was car shopping I looked at a Mazda 6 and it was really nice, but the 3 seemed like a better option at the time. The Scion looked nice too.

Get a car that is known to be reliable, comfortable and fuel efficient. Read all the reviews you can and visit forums where people more knowledgeable than bombers can help you out. And test drive!!! Do so much test driving, a good salesman will want you to drive as much as you can, a bad salesman will try to cut the test drive short.

That is my advice, because you asked for it Mr Sword. I personally don't get the "looks" thing. Most women only care that your car is clean when you pick them up, and very few people actually care about how baller your car looks. We can't all drive Panameras can we?

Buying a car is not easy, it takes a lot of research to buy the right one because they are such a big investment of your hard earned money.

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Jeff seems to always rock an awesome pair of sneakers on streams but I've rarely ever heard him talk about them besides a few times with Ryan (unless I totally missed it somewhere).

Also, sneaker thread?

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@alexw00d said:
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Anyone here ever been to Japan? Please tell me this is how women there interact...

It's made by an American dude, so I assume it's how American women interact.

So what you're saying is that this man has zero idea how women it!

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Anyone here ever been to Japan? Please tell me this is how women there interact...

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All the episodes are great. It's hard to choose a favorite. The Jersey Shore episode really stands out for me.

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@somejerk said:

creepy Vita games like Monster Monpiece get you on the FBI watchlist, and voting with your vallet doesn't work. Eight year olds and younger are bought GTA5 and worse by their parents.)

What you're not okay with jerking your Vita off in public? This offends the vita sexualists (don't google this) out there

Loading Video...

Damn that video....

Doesn't help that I might have a hand fetish.

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And what exactly gives you the right to judge just how sexy/ugly marcus and bayonetta are?

You're using your own subjectivity to argue the point. Try again.

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@amafi: Damn that track is fire.

What are they sampling, it seems oddly familiar.

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@yummylee said:

Dark Souls II is one fine piece of game. It's also the only game on your list that I've played and I don't listen to hip hop (nor complete albums in general really), so it's all I got!

It really was an amazing game. Thanks for reading anyway.

I think you're missing neon icon, the clear album of the year, from your list lol

Ha! even Yung Lean's Unknown Memory was better than Neon Icon...

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Nice List! Haven't been listening to much rap but personal favourites of the top of my head were Logic - Under Pressure, J.Cole - Forest Hills Drive, Run The Jewels and Asher Roth - Retrohash

Yeah those are all good albums, but I haven't listened to Retrohash, I'll give it a try.