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Okay I'm just going to ask because nobody else will. Is there a equivalent to Twitch out there? Is the playroom destined to be it?

Sony should get on this. You should be able to tune in and watch people beat the shit out of each other or fuck the shit out of each other, I don't care...don't ban these people, embrace it, put all the content warnings you want and make sure there's no monetization but let people do what people do. They are just going to find another avenue to do it if you kick em out.

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There are good Metal Gear games

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@vinny_says: what are you even saying

isn't it obvious? Nobody's buying consoles anymore. Shit is straight up done, these things can't even run at 1080/60 lawl!

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Uhh consoles are dead, why would they waste their time on this?

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It would be really cool of them if they released the multiplayer and campaign separately for a reduced cost....just as an option.

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that looks like titanfall

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But anything new with the words 'Freedom Fighters' is nowhere in sight....

Why? Why did it work out this way? Was it as simple as "this didn't make enough money"? This is the insider email I want to hear on the bombcast.

Listen I'm not sitting here saying that Freedom Fighters is the greatest thing ever made, and I'm not saying Kane and Lynch was a giant turd, but it's obvious one game was much better received than the other. There are people out there who have a real fondness for Freedom Fighters. Just how many people were genuinely looking forward to a follow-up to Dead Men?

I'm not in charge at IO and I understand they are probably busy working on fixing Hitman but there was a whole generation of games where third person shooters went through numerous refinements, where multiple games dealt with America being invaded by foreign powers, where Jesper Kyd was killing it with his soundtrack work....and instead all IO did was release a weird ass sequel with pixelated dongs.

It boggles my mind that this is how things worked out. Again I'm not saying that they fucked up by going this route, because hey....Freedom Fighters 2 could have been complete dog shit, but it's just really weird.

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I don't mean to come off as a psychopath or something but if this means dead bodies will remain on the battlefield in my videogames I'm all for it.

Normandy landings v 3.0, it's time! Medal of Honor Allied Assault 2, get on it EA. Remember this dope tagline?

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GZA The Genius is right, you seem like you've got the Playstation side of things covered. It's best to see what else there is out there.

You can't go wrong with either, but the more options you have the better, so get a OUYA as soon as possible once you've gotten a PS2 and 360.

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I wonder if EA thinks they came out on top by making MS take charge of the servers for Titanfall.

I don't know what the deals in place were, but I know EA likes to run their own servers, and it seems to have blown up in their faces a couple of times recently. Titanfall seems to be pretty stable so maybe EA will finally concede (or be more lenient) on the whole "we run our own servers!" deal they seem so fond of. Who knows, I may be completely wrong.

As for the topic, nah it can't be biggest mess of 2014 because 1. It came out last year. 2. It is rarely discussed on GB. 3. It's only April son, there's still 2/3 of the year to go.