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I think a major issue is how the tower works. I understand that It's a nice little spot a bunch of devs took time and effort to craft but at some point I don't want to have to load it up everytime I want to decript something. Allow me to decript at least from the menu where my ship is flying, no need to go all the way to the tower. pretend the ghost can direct link to the criptarch or something.

Also, why the hell does the weapon vendor even exist? If you bought anything from him during your whole playthrough let me know because I'm probably missing something here.

The guy who posted here earlier is right, no green loot should ever drop once you've reached level 21+. Allow me to buy crafting materials and there is no need to collect dumb, useless, green loot.

Lastly, allow matchmaking for story missions. I can deal with the mission variety being complete garbage, but it would be a lot less painful if I had some random people to share the boredom with.

There are bigger "core" issues but these ones irk me right now, especially since I can't seem to stop playing the game despite all its flaws.

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@dark said:

@vinny_says: Soooooo ... just gonna leave this here for ya.

that one is me during game of the year...

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@hailinel said:

@vinny_says: Watch the morning show more often. Patrick and Alex talked about Child of Light months ago.

Also, your sarcasm is not appreciated.

Damn, why you so stuck on Child of Light, I get it you don't like it...

They talked about it on one morning show and maybe a quick follow-up on the next one (yeah I listen to the show). From those few segments you came up with:

"To them, it was a pretty game with simplistic gameplay and terrible writing in the constantly forced rhyming."

There are 4 other people who will discuss GOTY too...doesn't help that they all glossed over the games I mentionned....

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If your anything like me you keep shit around for years not using it and the moment you throw it out or sell it you need it for something.

This happens to me all the time!

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you know....maybe Bungie will be like Respawn or Turn 10 and actually implement some changes to Destiny in the future so not all hope is lost. However I hope they learn and don't repeat these mistakes with future projects.

Maybe some things were a problem on next gen because of the last, but it seems most of destiny's problems stem from poor design choice and not technical limitations.

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None of them played Bravely Default, so GOTY is moot.

Also, can't remember a single person besides drew talking about Valiant Hearts, or anyone finishing Child of Light.

Also also, make some new categories already, shit be getting stale now.

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Well, there has to be a reason the "racist" party is gaining popularity right? People don't vote for a party just for shits and giggles. Take this opportunity as a country to look inward and figure out what's going on, figure it out as a people, don't just sit there and complain about "pride" and shit.

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@hailinel: I see where you're coming from but I fail to see how that changes anything. If a sentient toaster was making toast for Zelda since childhood of course they would have a special connection, if the toaster's adoptive sister was kidnapped by a giant bird of course it would go after her, and if the great Deku tree sent a fairy to get Link the Toaster to save Hyrule of course he would do it.

There's a big difference between having a history and having character & personality. Gordon Freeman has a history (I believe) yet I still have no idea how he actually thinks. Corvo Attano has a whole background story but zero personality otherwise, it's the same with Link(le).

In The Wind Waker, Nintendo came so close to actually making me care about Link as a person. The expressions in his face, the motivation to save his sister, all that stuff made Link seem like his own being. I guess my point is that if they're ever going to make a female Link, they should do it for a genuine reason that makes us care about the character, not just because players should have a choice.