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    Good points, thanks for your blog!Btw, I played & liked The Order, too, and wrote my own user review "at launch" ( http://www.gamespot.com/the-order-1886/user-reviews/2200-12637274/ )

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    Thanks for sharing your favorites: I'm happy to see that someone else liked KZ:SF--I had it on my 2013 GOTY list (having pre-ordered the PS4 bundle); don't forget also the fast-paced multiplayer that ...

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    2015: Most Anticipated Video Games

    On last year's GOTYs usually follows the list with the new one's most anticipated video games, which again may be on the next GOTY list―or not. On the other hand the current year's “biggest” releases ...

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    Games of The Year 2014

    Game release-wise 2014 hasn't been disappointing for me, and quite a bunch of games I've been anticipating—Titanfall, inFamous: Second Son, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, Destiny, Dragon Age: Inquisi...

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    I sent you an invite: boucfidel

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