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God dammit GB - why is it so hard/annoying for you guys to check basic facts like pricing before going into a QL? It's literally a quick google search. Like, this is sort of your job, isn't it?

I don't need you to be an expert on mechanics and play like a pro, but claiming that the DLC is nearly twice as expensive as it is might actually turn some people off. $12 for all of this content (including the first pack) is an absolute steal and maybe the best value DLC-wise I've seen for a while.

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I'm confused by the pre-order bonus.

What we've been told of the narrative focus so far is that it centers around building a good car.

Doesn't the pre-order bonus of... a good car... kind of invalidate the narrative purpose somewhat?

Sometimes, these bonuses remain 'locked' until you're allowed to access them. I imagine you won't be able to use it straight away.

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"I haven't seen a boss that I've been able to stagger."

-Brad Shoemaker: Misinformation Machine 2015

Every 'human' sized boss (or the smaller beasts) are so open to staggering it's a complete joke. Once you get the timing down, it trivializes most of the boss encounters. Sure, it takes a while to get the timing of the parry system down but, once you do, prepare to take down most bosses in a minute or two.

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Fucking yes! I loved the Banner Saga, it's a shame so few people seemed to actually play it, clearly it was enough for a sequel though. YAY!

Eh, they announced it would be an Act 1/Act 2 thing a the minimum. Super psyched for the sequel though, even if it looks like more of the same.

Seriously hoping the original doesn't get overlooked for GOTY stuff as it released in January. Probably the best RPG of the year (better moral choices/story/battle-system than Dragon Age at the very least, in spite of my generally liking Bioware's latest).

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@cale said:

I bought this after seeing the 10 it got on Eurogamer and started off quite enjoying it, but by the end I was totally fed up with the trial and error platforming and just wanted to get the game over with as soon as I could. It's far from a 10 in my books, but then I'm not naturally bias, unlike the reviewer who gave it that score.

Game was funded by a grant given to a native american tribe. Made by native american people. Based on native american folklore. Then reviewed by a native american. Apparently that's a negative 'bias'. Uh, OK.

Seems like their peers would be the harshest critic. A game like this, attempting to present a tradition to people outside of that world, skirts a fine line between honouring said tradition and commodifying it.The fact that the reviewer liked it strikes me as pretty important.

Plus, if you desperately need an in-depth criticism of the underlying game mechanics, there's literally like a hundred other websites out there that will do so. Some people might actually be interested in what the game's about equally as much as to how it plays.

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Uh, did Vinny really see that Anisotropic Filtering was set to low and say "Let's not mess with that, it'll likely tank the framerate"? Are you kidding me? Come on guys, you've been playing on PC long enough to know that you should always max that out and it comes with no performance impact at all.

Also, Alex telling him to put supersampling to all of the X.... Uh, it's surprising hearing how much GB loves PC versions of most games and yet don't understand graphics settings to any degree.

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Hmm, I like the ads to a degree, but do we really need one 30 minutes into the podcast? Include the one at the start, that's two ads within a half hour. It strikes me as a bit much.

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@nardak said:

The only thing that i find really interesting is the ability to stop and start downloads. The rest of the update is pretty non trivial stuff.

Why is that important?

You buy 3 things. They all download at the same time, sharing bandwidth. So instead of playing that 2GB game in 10 minutes, you have to wait half an hour or more since you couldn't pause the other downloads.

Not an issue once you know it does that, but a bit of a pain when you first go to set-up your PS4 and download all the PSN+ games/cross-buy stuff you've accumulated.

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@dithre said:

@pinner458: You're forgetting Watch Dogs, Dark Souls II…

You're forgetting that DkS2 was fantastic, even if it is the 'worst' in the series, Brad and Vinny still loved it, and the DLC is some of the best levels that the series has ever had. Hardly in contention.

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This doesn't look a whole lot better visually than Alan Wake. I was also hoping that Remedy would finally do something more story focused and cut down on the action by quite a bit. A Remedy Twin Peaks game would be great.

Aaaaaaaaaaand you're crazy.

Go back and play Alan Wake at its 600p resolution on Xbox and then tell me this games doesn't look significantly better. Hell, I've plated Alan Wake maxed out on PC at 1080 and, while it's a gorgeous game it's still very much of its time.

I get people's concerns about the gameplay but seriously? You have some seriously rose tinted glasses there.