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Hey wait a minute.


Do you feel weird copyrighting an image that is itself 90% copyrighted by someone else?

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I would for sure pay to have that on a tshirt

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I just want to say the cutscene you get as a reward for finding all 20 trinkets is really awesome.

I won't say "is totally worth it," because if you don't have fun spending half an hour on veni vini vici, no cutscene on earth would be worth that, but if you did have fun making gradual progress on that very difficult challenge, as I did, the game definitely rewards you.

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  A few notes:
  •  I've given up on trying to get more than 11 seconds in the gravitron
  • I will also never get the second or fourth time trial trophy
  • I am coming VERY close to getting the third time trial trophy
  • I haven't tried the others seriously yet -- hopefully I can get at least three time trophies total
  • I have no interest in no-death mode.