The Video Game Character Iron Man List

A collection of the ultimate no nonsense tough guy's from the games that I have played, just killing people doesn't count, you wouldn't really include Nathan Drake on a list like this would you? Would you?

I have probably made some obvious omissions, likely I have forgot, or I'm trying to bait people.

Disclaimer: Spoilers Ahoy!

Ammened seeing as its now subject to the Community Spotlight. Thank you to whoever decided it was a worthwhile read.

List items

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Where the hell is Guy Kazama? I think one of his ranks actually is Iron Man!

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Wow, I forgot about making this. Its fairly old now (think I made it when I first joined the site) but its certainly some way off of definitive. At least that's my excuse.

Amendments imminent!

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To be fair, the only reason I posted here was because it appeared on the Community Spotlight, for some reason.

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@Video_Game_King: Really?! Odd as its been buried for so long, doesn't someone normally have to look at it before that happens?

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Ellie if I remember right does complain, rather bitterly to Isaac. Part of her nature, Isaac blew judging the situation. Isaac adjusts...

Where's Dan of Killer 7? Just kidding, but he was the classic tough guy.

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Pretty sure Isaac himself belongs on this list. Dude survived three games full of necromorphs, all the while suffering from severe dementia and going insane and being betrayed by everyone. Even Chris had substantial back-up and the safety of solid ground and oxygen, dude was alone in space with no company but visions of his dead girlfriend.