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#1 Posted by Watari (28 posts) -
@Metal_Gear_Sunny: Truesay...
Guten Nacht Giant Bomb
#2 Posted by Watari (28 posts) -

I don't think I am going to write those reviews tonight as tiredness is beginning to take me over, not entirely good.  Damn late nights and early mornings, AC4 and AC4A reviews soon.

#3 Posted by Watari (28 posts) -
@eroticfishcake said:
" @Xeiphyer said:
" @Watari: You are really fucking creepy...  I get that you finally got a girlfriend, congratz or something.. but your just trying to brag on the internet? Where nobody cares.   How about just turn off your phone? Thats what I do, and it works pretty well.   /flag topic. "
@Metal_Gear_Sunny said:
" No one really cares about you getting laid. And if you don't know how to turn a cell phone off you have problems. "
I have to agree with these two. I may not flag this blof it certainly is a silly topic to talk about. Not a great first impression you're giving us. "
Well, I'm not bragging...
And to be perfectly honest nothing of the sort was intended, its also a small bit of light hearted humourfor my taste.  It was also posted in the Off-Topic forum, which as I understand is off-topic.  And sure no one cares about me getting laid also I do know how to turn off a cell phone.  Creepy, I had a girlfriend for 2 years that ended 2 months ago, so bragging my arse.
#4 Posted by Watari (28 posts) -

Well, the girl I am currently courting... Damn I can taste and smell her still, awesome! But damn, you lie my man... cause you have seen them, but only in a right click save as relationship lol

#5 Posted by Watari (28 posts) -

It seems that people who have phones (including me) can destroy a good night in with your girlfriend.
People ringing, ruining moments and making you laugh at the most inoportune times.  Thank you people of the world who want to get in touch with someone who is my girlfriend.
On the up side though, my bed will smell of my girlfriend now YAY!

#6 Posted by Watari (28 posts) -
@ZeForgotten said:
" @Watari said:  Don't be frustrated! Have some cake!! and a drink, if you want one. But yeah, I can see how that is a bitch having to do the same thing again since it didn't count it the first time.  I can't remember what game it is that I have, but one of them is like "Do *whatever it was* on your second playthrough"   Those things I hate >_< "
Well, the damn do this on 2nd playthrough clause wasnt there, fair enough, but when I reload the checkpoint and do it again and it gives me the trophy its slightly annoying
#7 Posted by Watari (28 posts) -
@ZeForgotten: Well, one instance is eliminate all remaining soldiers on Northern part of 2nd line in one artillery barrage.
I did as I needed to, did I get the trophy, I have it now but its just annoying me having to do a lot of work for a trophy that I should of had when I did said target in the main campaign anyway.
Oh and I just posted it as a blog as it is not about the game, its about me being frustrated at the game
#8 Posted by Watari (28 posts) -

Its a good game, just a hell of a lot more realistic than other shooters

#9 Posted by Watari (28 posts) -
@Bwast: Well excellent, I dont think my skills on an FPS can help me here...
#10 Posted by Watari (28 posts) -
@Bwast:  how do you mean challenge good sir? for I do not wish to be destroyed
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