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That daily dota is getting to me big time, but I really don't need a new addiction that feeds on both my money and my time so a freebie would be greatly appreciated.

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@brodehouse: That's funny, I love stories that play with that stuff. I find it really cool when creators subvert the entire experience and just generally fuck with you. After I think the second dimension jump or so I realized and thought to myself: "Wow they really made everything that's happening around Booker and Elizabeth pointless. That's so cool!" Maybe It's because I rarely keep myself invested in any piece of fiction after I'm done experiencing it. Maybe I'm a narrative masochist!

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This game was part of the reason I finally came out to my folks that I probably needed psychiatric help. I haven't had a meeting with a therapist yet, but I hope I'll be able to figure things out and not stop myself from pursuing how I want to live my life in the future.

Speaking of which Depression Quest also was one of the major inspirations for a game I'm making for school about Social Anxiety Disorder, which I pitched today and was in to much of a nervous daze to remember how it went, freakiest part is that the only thing I remember is hearing my voice like it was traveling through a wall. It'll probably work out alright...

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Bought it yesterday and while, yeah it's a bit short, the tactile feel is just amazing. If not one of the best it's one of the most engaging puzzle box games I've ever played.

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Was just gonna post it myself :)

I'm pretty stoked about the look of it, as stoked as your supposed to get by a teaser trailer anyway, can't wait for dat gameplay to leak too :P. Garret looked pretty faithful to how he looks in the other games I think, and though there was a kinda action-y scene (hey that's trailers for ya, amirite?) it seems to me that they hit some of the key point emphasizing stealth and planning. I did notice the voice is not that of Stephen Russell, although it did sound pretty similar. Not a dealbreaker for me but Russell not being involved would also mean there's probably not gonna be any Benny hijinks going on which is the real loss if we're going to be totally honest.

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Nice, I've been wanting to play Fez again for a while but lost access to an 360.

@abendlaender: So people can't change their opinions? Or is it that they can't change it when you don't agree with them?

Listen, I'm drawing to mind something Louis CK once said which was something to the effect of: people always seem to think everything you say must be some well measured, thought out thing that takes everyones opinions in mind.

I think people should be allowed to say and think ignorant stupid shit and not be reprimanded for changing their mind.

Good for you on sticking to your guns on not buying the game though, I admire that.

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I love thief! Thief 2 is my favourite game ever and Thief deadly shadows is the most important game of my young gameplaying life.

If theres any franchise I care deeply enough about to have an unreasonable reaction over the quality of a new game, it's thief.