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Where's my money, Sony?!

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I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about, I didn't realize there was forum activity on the main page. So I guess D.

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Wow, that video is incredible. That's some crazy ass shit right there.

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I love stealthing and feeling like a bad ass by way of sneaking up on dudes and taking them out. I mean, it's there as a choice, right? Just don't use stealth if it doesn't appeal to you.

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Nope. If the book, movie, game, whatever is good than I couldn't care less about the politics or opinions of it's creator.

I may lose respect for them as a person but good work is still good work.

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Only if it's been a long while since I've read it. If I can't remember what happened than it's probably time to reread it.

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Black all the way, white looks okay, but I need that sweet,sweet darkness.

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Whoops, something's wrong. T_T

Otherwise it's pretty sweet, but Black Site is still better than White Site

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What?! It's been saved? That's crazy talk, that shit was supposed to disappear into the ether!

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@Kidavenger: I like to believe he left Anime Vice out because there's no question that we all visit the site everyday.