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Yeah, I watched a bit of that, but couldn't stand it for too long and began scrubbing until Chris and Griffin came on, and Justin at the end was perfect, "Hey, guys, VIDEO GAMES." All the talk about what they didn't show was just frustrating. Guys, they just made the announcement and they made a pretty good show of what they had.

[If I wasn't lazy I'd put a .gif of Justin dancing here.]

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Didn't think I would be excited. I was wrong. I really enjoyed what they showed, the features like jumping into a friends game and watching them play sound awesome.

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Where's my money, Sony?!

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I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about, I didn't realize there was forum activity on the main page. So I guess D.

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Wow, that video is incredible. That's some crazy ass shit right there.

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I love stealthing and feeling like a bad ass by way of sneaking up on dudes and taking them out. I mean, it's there as a choice, right? Just don't use stealth if it doesn't appeal to you.

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Nope. If the book, movie, game, whatever is good than I couldn't care less about the politics or opinions of it's creator.

I may lose respect for them as a person but good work is still good work.

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Only if it's been a long while since I've read it. If I can't remember what happened than it's probably time to reread it.

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Black all the way, white looks okay, but I need that sweet,sweet darkness.

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Whoops, something's wrong. T_T

Otherwise it's pretty sweet, but Black Site is still better than White Site