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Here Kazooie, take this wrench. That's all you do now. 0

I recently was reminded of Nuts & Bolts by its TNT. Originally I had written it off because of the shoddy demo Rare released for it back in '08; the missions in the demo served only to destroy my interest in the game. TNT brought back that interest, and since picking up the digital download version I have practically fallen in love with the vehicle creation and the parts hunting in Showdown Town. So here's my late late review of Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.  AROOOOO!First thing, the stor...

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Cogs is quite the steamy puzzler, in a good way. 0

Looks practical.Anyone old enough to appreciate the PC game Pipe Dreams (or Pipe Mania) will get a nostalgic kick out of Cogs. The game focuses on sliding pieces (pipes and/or gears) together to connect steam pipes, ring bells, fill up balloons, or power up machinery. The puzzles are clever and have a lot of variety. In some levels you work on a flat surface, while others have you rotating a cube to connect multiple sides.The levels in Cogs also get challenging rather quickly. Within the first 5...

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Want more Microgames? Make them yourself! 2

Well, why don't YOU try to make a fun microgame!? I've always been a fan of the Warioware series. However compared to older titles in the series I found Warioware D.I.Y. to be rather basic in terms of gameplay. The stages included on the cartridge were good examples of what can be built using the level designer, but on their own I found them somewhat lacking. Nintendo's decision to not use any buttons really limited the variety in D.I.Y. 's microgames. But while D.I.Y. wasn't as much fun as ...

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