The Zelda Quest!


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It seems I've almost lost interest in gaming as of late. I'm heading off to college at the end of this summer and I'm not sure how much gaming i'm going to be doing there. Ever since my xbox died in February I have spent little to no time playing video games. I have a wii so I was lucky enough to enjoy Super Mario Galaxy 2 and I just recently finished No More Heroes 2, but other than that I really don't have any interest in gaming.   
I've been thinking a lot about how gaming has affected my life. There are oh so fond memories of gaming as a kid all night with my (still) closest friends. I have come to the conclusion that the most nostalgic gaming memories come from the franchise that I hold closest to my heart, Zelda. As my icon suggests, Majora's Mask is my favorite game ever, and Ocarina of Time is a close second. 
 Good times with friends

So as a great effort to restore my interest in gaming I have decided to go on a quest and play every 3D Zelda game once again. I plan to at least approach getting 100% on Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. I plan to analyze what makes each game so great, as well as the franchise as a whole. You can expect a synopsis for them all. 
I have a few questions for the GB community. I currently am in possession of a N64, a Wii, Majora's Mask and The Wind Waker. Would playing Ocarina of Time on the virtual console affect my judgement of it? Should I get the gamecube or Wii version of Twilight Princess?
I was also thinking of afterwards playing Zelda-esque games such as Okami and Darksiders. Are there any other games that are very similar to Zelda? 
I am also very torn on whether I should play any 2D Zelda games. I never played any Zelda game prior to the release of Ocarina of Time. The only 2D Zelda games I have played were handheld ones. Should I play any of the SNES or NES Zelda games? If so, which ones? If I do decide to i'd like to limit it to only two of them.  
Otherwise, wish me luck.

Gin and my horrible morning

Jeff is absolutely right, Gin is fucking disgusting. It smells and tastes like windex and has led me to an awful, awful morning. DO NOT DRINK GIN. Especially straight and accompanied by other drinks and beer.
I'm on my hands and knees in my backyard, head spinning with no clothes on begging for the ability to throw up. And after around an hour of agony. I do it like 3 times all over myself. Extremely Unpleasant. But the good news is I feel better a few minutes later. Although I do feel dizzy. 
Anyway now I'm going to take a nice shower, drink a ton of gatorade, and eat some toast. 
Moral of the story, don't be a Ryan. Avoid Gin at all costs. 



Right during February break... during a great gaming season
And I'm pretty sure it's been over 3 years since my last one. So i'm screwed.

So... is Serenity as good as Firefly?

I just finished watching Serenity and I have to say i'm pretty dissapointed. I did not find it at all engaging. The plot had too many holes to count and was a bit generic to be honest. 
Sci-fi movies like Star Wars and Alien have a certain charm and atmoshpere to them that this movie doesn't. Some of the scrolling scenes are nice to look at, but the movie doesn't have enough of them and doesn't give them any detail or implied background. 
The plot is confusing first and then becomes dissapointing. What exactly is so special about this girl, other than being a ninja, and why should I care? The only interesting character was the antagonist who turns to shit in the last scenes after changing heart for a stupid, emotionless video recording. And the reavers and pretty lame as far as insane brutes go. I didn't care for the characters, probably because I've never seen Firefly, but they didn't seem too unique. The only main character I thought was pretty cool was Adam Baldwin's character, only because he reminds me of his role in Full Metal Jacket, which was outstanding.

Overall i'd say the movie was moderatley entertaining and mindless, but lacked soul.     
I thought I would like Firefly until I watched this movie... will I?


Top 10 characters of Lost

10. Daniel - The unorganized genious


9. Jack Shephard - The doctor and the leader

8. Sayid

7. Charlie

6. Mr. Eko


5. Miles

 4. Desmond

3. Hurley

 2. John Locke

1. Benjamin Linus


My games of E3

So i dont agree with, well any site about their lists, so im gonna make my own

Best Action Game
Bayonetta - From the creator of the Original DMC, comes a new game that will "push the innovation in action games"

runner up - RE5

Best Fighting Game
Street Fighter 4 - Will it be as good as 2? Looks so...

runner up - Soul Calibur 4

Best MMO
Champions online - An action MMO from the creators of City of Heroes

runner up - The Agency

Best Music Game
Rock Band 2 - The music IS the most important part, and the list is awesome

runner up - Guitar Hero : World Tour

Best Platformer
Little Big Planet - with user generated content to the extreme, perhaps this game can perfect the 2d platformer

runner up - Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

Best Puzzle game
The misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom - seriously, if you havent checked out this game, go do it

runner up - Puzzle Quest Galactrix

Best Racing Game
Motorstorm - Pacific Rift - Looks to improve the offroad genre to a whole new level

Best Portable Game

Resistance: Retribution - from the creators of the great psp games, Syphon Filter

runner up - Chrono Trigger

Best RPG

Fallout 3 - not much needs to be said, it looks amazing

runner up - Fable 2

Best Shooter
Gears of War 2 - Everything about it seems to improve the first game, and get rid of its problems

runner up - Project origin (this is an extremely close second)

Best Strategy Game

Spore - The next project by Will Wright, another game that takes advantage of user created content

runner up - Halo Wars

Best Downloadable game

Bionic Commando Rearmed - takes the awesome original to a whole new level

runner up - Fat Princess

Best Graphics

Killzone 2 - this game is so pretty, looks almost as good as Crysis, except with a more dark tone

runner up - Far Cry 2

Best Artistic Graphics

Prince of Persia - it looks like concept art brought to life

runner up - Banjo Kazooie: nuts and bolts

Best Multiplayer game

Left 4 Dead - brings co-op to a new level

runner up - Resistance 2

Best Action Adventure

Prince of Persia - interesting fighting and unique platforming

runner up - Mirrors Edge

Best Horror Game
Project Origin - from the makers of F.E.A.R. and the Condemned series, you can bet this is gonna be freaky

runner up - Dead Space

Best PC game

Left 4 Dead - its valve, you can trust them

runner up - Spore

Best PS3 exclusive

Resistance 2 - epic single player, unique 8 player co-op campaign, and 60 player multiplayer make this a complete experience

runner up - Little Big Planet

Best 360 Exclusive

Gears of War 2 - Epic stidios looks to have created another awesome experience, and the mutliplayer doesnt look broken anymore

runner up - Fable 2

Best Wii Exclusive

Wii Sports Resort - uhhh, it looks fun,

runner up - Animal Crossing

Best Multiplatform Game

Fallout 3 - Oblivion 2 in a post apocalyptic world, awesome

runner up - Project Origin

Best Game

Fallout 3 - once again, its awesome

runner up - Gears of War 2


now this list is MY opinion, so take it for what you want, i feel better now

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Games I want to play this year...

There are soooo many good games coming out later this year. I will give a rundown of all the games i want to play


Fallout 3 - theres so much to be said, but i am too lazy, the game looks awesome, oblivion was awesome
Left 4 Dead - Valvle, nuff said
Fable 2 - I liked the first one, and despite molyneuxa ridiculous claims, it looks sweet
Street Fighter 4 - again, self explainatory
Too Human - there is a lot of hate for this game, but i have been looking forward to it for a while and i liked the demo a lot
Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts - again, despite what people think, i am looking forward to it, i like pretty much all of Rare's games, cept for Viva Pinata
Project Origin - Basically it is F.E.A.R. 2 and i loved that game and it looks amazing so far THIS GAME IS SO UNDERHYPED

Rent - so these are games that i am still very much excited for, but i dont see myself spending more than a week with them

Dead Space - Looks awesome, i love horror games
Mirrors Edge - Looks interesting although i havent seen much footage, just heard about it
Prince of Persia - Looks great too, even though for some reason the visual style looks a bit dissapointing compared to the original trailer, i dont like the cel-shading (that is coming from someone who loved Okami, Wind Waker, JSRF)

Borrow from a friend - these are games that i am looking forward to a lot, but i know friends who are definatley getting them and i dont have the money to buy them myself

Soul Calibur 4 - I liked all the games in the series so far, not a ton, but they were good, i want to play as the Jedi and my favorite character Seigfreid
Far Cry 2 - I have to admit this game looks AWESOME... cant wait, it looks like the next evolution in open world games

Tales of Vesperia - I like the art style and the anime characters, the vioce acting seems pretty good and the demo was pretty good too

Star Wars: TFU - i am a huge action genre fan, i love DMC and NG, and i love star wars, i want to unleash the force
Spore - i dont think my comp. could run it, but looks so cool, so i will probably play it on a friend of mines superlaptop


PS3 games - now i dont own a ps3, but i have friends who do, and i will play games at their houses, so i am still looking forward to ps3 games

Little big planet - probably my most anticipated, i want to play some insane created levels
Resistance 2 - Looks so good, i am most excited for the seperate coop, 8 player campaign

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Favorite games of all time

My favorite 5 games of all time:

5. MGS4
4. Shadow of the Colossus
3. Oblivion
2. Bioshock
1. Zelda: Majora's Mask

This list is subject to change especially since the rest of 08 looks amazing, cant wait for Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead

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