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I already have a New 3DS XL but am still a bit disgruntled that Ninty didn't offer the normal sized version, as it's been two weeks owning it and I'm still trying real hard to get over the picture quality on the bigger screen (not talking about the pixel density though that bothers me as well but I knew that going in, but the yellowish tint and seemingly shallower contrast and slight ghosting compared to the original 3DS). Never owned a 3DS XL so if the New 3DS XL is a huge improvement in those areas over that then it must have been pretty bad.

As someone who never had any problems keeping the original 3DS steady, the so-called "Super-stable 3d" isn't without its own issues as well when it gets "confused" in low/mixed light scenarios and almost makes me wish they'd left in the option to use the original functionality when those situations crop up. Who knows, maybe my unit is defective? Also the fact that it feels very cheap and plastic (but it definitely is at least 10x more comfortable so there's that).

Still have mixed feelings on my New 3DS XL purchase and maybe that will fade in time, but I'd still buy a normal sized New 3DS if it became available in my territory, as from what I've seen it looks like it still has a better build/screen quality all-around.

I don't know what this post of mine is really about but figured you might appreciate a different opinion from someone who's had the OG 3DS since release whose only real problem with it has been the form-factor,comfort-ability, and woeful battery life.

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No offense, but the elitist tone of the title of this post seems to imply it's already a foregone conclusion that this game will be good and/or without flaws or problems or that so-called "commoner" reviewers won't be qualified to describe them. If you're talking purely about describing in-depth mechanics and not the ability to ascertain the quality of the experience as impressed upon a reviewer then I apologize.

I'm a huge Souls fan, but the people I trust the least to review this game with something resembling objectivity are the die-hard fans and Youtube theorists.

I'm waiting at least a week after release until the dust has settled before deciding whether I'm willing to buy a PS4 for this one game. It's going to have to be really damn good. For me it's not a good personal precedent to set buying a game based solely on brand power, even if said brand has yet to truly fail me in the past, especially one that's exclusively tied to a system I'd otherwise have almost zero interest buying in the first place.

Just imagining the terrible feelings I'd have if the game (I impulsively bought a PS4 for) turned out to actually be bad gives me pre-emptive douche chills, so I'm going in with a huge heaping of healthy skepticism..

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In terms of semi-recent games of the past few years, I'd say Kid Icarus: Uprising's soundtrack (apart from being my own personal best game of 2012) was all-around pretty top-notch stuff and very eclectic; spanning from retro-style chiptunes to hard/electric rock to symphonic, big-band, jazz, and a whole lot of other genres/fusions of genres in between.

Just a random track that I particularly enjoy out of many excellent tracks:

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Surprised that there's been no mention yet but Metroid Prime's Tallon IV is still pretty high up there for me.

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Honestly I think it was their Riva TNT card that cemented their position as serious competition/industry leaders in already over-crowded market.

Mainly because it incorporated 2D, 3D, and video functonality into a single card solution (a radical idea at that time that is now pretty much universal/taken for granted), in an era where competitors (such as 3Dfx) only supported 3D functionality with the other capabilities being supplied by your own on-board hardware. Everyone else followed suit but for 3Dfx (with their Voodoo 3, which was a solid card for the price) it was too little too late. True color support and having far superior rendering/texture filtering than Voodoo didn't hurt either.

Also, most of this happened in a time period during which more games started requiring a dedicated GPU, instead of being just another option alongside software mode (i.e. games like Quake III and AvP were heavy-hitters in ushering in this new 3D acceleration-only paradigm).

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This may get kind of ramble-ish, but I'd have to agree that, alongside or maybe slightly under the original Game Boy, the DS is easily the best (with the most far-reaching implications) handheld ever created. Apart from the PC, the DS is the platform I've bought the most games for out of any gaming machine I've ever owned going back to the NES, and that's saying something. There was just a huge variety of unique experiences that you couldn't get anywhere else and a whole slew of niche, hidden gems (that take advantage of the system's capabilities in really weird or rarefied ways like Bangai-O Spirits' method of transferring player created maps, high scores, and replay data in the form of sound files received through the mic, pretty much future-proofing the online community aspects from the eventual Nintendo WFC shutdown) to discover and/or import (thanks to being region-free).

Then there's the massive home-brew scene, increasing the novelty factor ten-fold, by enabling me to do things like play freaking Quake using my own .PAK files on a hand-held, on-the-go, with a near 1-to-1 control scheme and the ability to actually play/communicate over TCP/IP or LAN with other PC users! Words could not express how neat that was (especially on a system starved of a decent FPS not involving a particular inter-galactic bounty hunter) and still kinda is.

My black DS Lite is a semi-permanent fixture in my bathroom, which is fine because I have another two and a DS phat placed in other strategic locations around the house. Whenever I know I'm going to be in there for more than a few minutes, it's either trying to top my high score in Metroid Prime Pinball (a severely underrated pinball tie-in that actually makes logical/contextual sense of its source material and utilizes that quite cleverly and is infinitely re-playable) or Picross 3D all the way.

It's also great to know that if my power goes out for a week or more I'll have plenty of combined battery life to weather the storm, gaming-wise. Overall, just a stellar system that initially looked and felt like a massive dud to many in the industry, but eventually played an integral role in ushering in the widespread adoption/normalization of touch-screen interfaces that we enjoy and take for granted today (along with having a shit-ton of memorable and important games).

Suffice to say, I think Nintendo really knocked it out of the park with that one.

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To me it goes

Alien - Aliens - Prometheus - Alien 3 - Alien Resurrection - All the other terrible Alien crossover movies

Exactly my order too. Screw the Prometheus haters, right?

Yep, I never understood the haters..what, you think Prometheus is worse than Alien Vs. Predator, REALLY?? It's very weird where the hate for that movie comes from...its not like it was critically hated either and has a fairly good imdb score but there was this weird backlash against it I'll never understand...Alien Resurrection didn't get nearly the same hate when it came out and that's WAY worse! Good to see we exist bomber.

Yeah, but you gotta admit that at least AvP and Resurrection knew, right from the outset, exactly what they were. They had no high-minded pretensions of making art with a capital "A" only to then fail miserably.

If I go to the Ritz Carlton and get the equivalent of Whopper Value Meal, I'm going to be massively disappointed. If I go to Burger King and get the same thing, I got exactly what I expected. Prometheus may be a better film, but it fails on its own merits where the other two at least somewhat succeed.

Edit: Oh yeah, regarding the topic, Alien then Aliens. The rest can be mindless brain candy if the mood strikes.

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For me, Dark Souls II was a mixed bag of mechanical/technical improvements in certain areas and glaringly noticeable steps backwards/oversights in others.

For every awesome monster, place, weapon move-set, or piece of atmosphere, etc. I can think of, I can come up with some other equivalent that was equally as lame or seemingly unfinished/lazy/tacked-on in its own way.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy playing DS2 and am currently working through the last piece of DLC, but that's more because, apart from Demon's Souls which I have yet to play due to not owning a PS3 (something I hope to change soon as there's a lot of exclusive content I've been wanting over the years for it that I can now indulge in rather cheaply), I really can't get this type of experience anywhere else and that core identity that attracted me to the first Souls remains more or less functionally intact.

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It really depends. Resolution and frame-rate factor in, to varying degrees, based on the merits of the type of a particular game and the genre it belongs to and whether the developers design certain gameplay and visual aspects/make allowances for their game engine with whatever target frame-rate/resolution they have in mind. Some game's feel more appropriate than others would at the same settings.

Blanket rules for this kind of thing will always be contradictory at some point or another when it comes to consoles.

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Just another newbie tip, at least for the first 10 or so missions, if you're having trouble keeping everyone alive.

Frederick starts off at level 10 as a super unit basically, and the AI will be hard-pressed to bring him down, but since he's already well leveled and powerful we don't want him stealing all that delicious XP (which would give him negligible gains anyway at this point in the game, making it a huge waste). Best thing to do is remove his weapons and basically use him as a tank to pull/aggro units into range where the rest of your crew (hopefully already in position) can take them out in a safe, controlled manner and reap the rewards.