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Well I called my credit card company and they fixed everything. Fraud protection blocked it and nothing happened. It was because it is a British website and they automatically block all british websites due to the high amount of fraud there.
EDIT: Also  just wanted to apologized to everyone for being stupid and not knowing a lot about the internet. I thought there were more websites that had free streaming for tv shows other than places like Hulu or its partners. At least I know now that there arent other legit websites like that.

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Yeah I know. I made a dumb mistake. It was stupid of me.  I learned a lesson.
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@thebatmobile said:

It's hilarious how anyone is taking Mr Troll here seriously.

Are the mods asleep?

Uhm....I hate to make fun of myself but I'm not trolling. I actually made a dumb mistake. I thought that website was legit because someone posted a link to it.
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I know I know I know. The like 2nd poster said it was a site he used all the time so I just assumed it was legit because I wasnt thinking and I thought he was directing me to a legit site becuase I didnt think he would post something illegal on a website like this. Now I am freaking out because it said it couldnt accept my info but for all i know it probably is supposed to say something like that. I got a call from the fraud placing asking me to verify that its me so I'm hoping it caught that and protected me but idk. Yes, go ahead and flame me I deserve it for the temporary lapse in good judgement.
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You actually put your credit card into that? Holy shit.

I know....I am actually kind of afraid now to tell you the truth. A user said that he used it and it worked so I trusted him since I didnt think he would post something illegal on a board. I got a call from a fraud detection company asking me to verify but I didnt verify I hung up on accident so idk I am kind of worried now.....
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Wow so I just got a call from some random automated number saying they detected fraud on my credit card account because I tried to enter details into that website www.tv-links.com and I was trying to verify that it was actually me but I accidentally hung up when hitting another button so now I dont think they are calling back so I just abandoned using that website. Oh well. I guess I'll just wait for season 7 to come out on DVD.

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@Hockeymask27 said:

The internet. Seriously its not that hard to find.

Really? Well I have been searching on google for quite some time and can't seem to find anything that works.
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Let me explain. I know about hulu but it seems like that never has the episodes I want, just a bunch of clips. I recently watched all 6 seasons of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix and the show is now on season 7 and is about 14 episodes in. The first 3 episodes of season 7 were on CBS.com but after that the rest have to be bought off of itunes for $2.99 each. I had $6 in credit on a gift card so I was able to watch episodes 4 and 5 for free but I am still about 8-9 episodes behind and that is just to much money to spend on tv shows. I was really hoping to catch up so that way I can start watching on Monday nights and finish out the season. So is there any way to watch without paying so much money? I am in college so my computer is hooked the network here so torrents are out of the question. I really didn't want to have to stop watching till it came out on dvd for Netflix because I am so hooked, but if I have to then I guess I will have to stop for awhile.

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@Dany said:

@Why_So_Serious: I know, :P I just disagree.

I guess thats what makes some film adaptations awesome. It gives people a choice of what they prefer to see in a character. Allows them to sort of create the sort of character they see. Opinions are awesome! Just makes us who we are. I love an honest,  fun debate :)
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@Dany said:

@Why_So_Serious: She isn't bland, she is a hardcore 'bitch' whose actions are profound and should speak for themselves. In most respects, the swedish films portray lisbeth more honestly to the books.

Like I said its just my opinion lol, not trying to offend. I guess to me I like how she can be portrayed as a hardcore badass in the American version but can still develop attachments to people who treat her with a kindness she has never been given.