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Well thanks guys, I've been thinking about starting to watch the show on Netflix and finally did. It is now 6:30 in the morning. Just wanted to say that before I go off and watch some more instead of do something as useless as sleep.

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CMDR Wolfblitzer ready to space.

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Huh well that's cool. Thanks for the heads up.

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Well, with all the talk of the game again, decided to jump back in. Holy crap it is crazy different, but that has me looking forward to what the game has to offer.

In game is wolfblitzer85 if I could join and get in on this while it's hot!

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Ready for a bunch of Diablo now. Thanks duder!

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@humanity said:

I'm waiting on the inevitable Quick Look where Jeff will continue hating it and whoever is with him either confirms dislike or makes non-committal, indifferent comments with the conversation eventually going off into a tangent of how they wish X developer made Y driving game again.


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Aww holy crap, it worked somehow. Well, still resized them, but at least I can post pictures now. Anyway here's some pretty from Dragon Age.

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My arms disappeared during a fight. I was using a giant axe at the time and it just rotated around my body while my limbless torso flailed around all weird like. It was like a horror Sora thing going on there for a little while. Putting my weapon away and pulling it back out unfortunately fixed it though.

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Blackwall, Sera, and Dorian have been my main dudes. It's been really fun too, because they all seem to really like to fight with each other, especially Dorian and Blackwall. I even had to intervene and tell them to shut the hell up once while exploring a dungeon, as the argument had escalated to a screaming match between the two. Blackwall apologized, but then a half hour later, they started bickering again.

Sera and Dorian seem to get along, but she doesn't take any shit from him which has created some interesting conversations between the two. One of my favorites was when he asked her where all her arrows come from. She replied that it doesn't really matter, and she doesn't wonder where his fireballs come from when he's shooting them out of his ass. He shut up after that.