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Yay another person who likes this game! This was a landmark game for me since it was the first MMO that I didn't get super burned out on and actually made it all the way to the end game. Being able to play it with a ps3 controller on a big tv helped a lot too, though it seems if I want to get into higher level play, especially as a summoner, I'll have to switch back to mouse and keyboard.

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Ooh some new cards to throw into my EDH Vorosh deck. Never was really competitive, and have only been playing for a few years, but dude keep doing what you're doing. Love reading up on MTG strategies, and if anything be exposed to cards I overlooked or just straight up missed.

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Are there taco flavored ones? Those would be pretty good in an omelet.

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@supermonkey122 said:

@bemusedchunk said:

Nemesis system is the new Quick-Time Event.

Be careful what you wish for...

Did anyone ever like Quick-Time Events?

People still rave about Shenmue...

Fool me once...

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Humans still suck.

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Okay I came back to this thread just to say that Master Tracksuit is fucking rad.

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Give the family a much needed bump, then ghost out and travel for a few years. See where I'm at then.

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Hell yeah, a bunch of Gamecube games that I got rid of which sucks because they are so expensive now, well the good stuff anyway.

Also bought Bayonetta twice along with Red Dead Redemption.

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@valeo said:

Everyone has a knowledge blind-spot. Everyone. Dan just seems to have a few more than most..

True, but unlike most people, he's not afraid to actually ask.

Also he's a NARC.

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AMD Phenom II X4 960T unlocked to 6 cores and a 1gb 560ti, 8gb of ram with everything on medium. Runs great at 30fps in 1080p and a solid 60 at 720p.