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Greatest Hits is the best goddamn thing.

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So because of this I went to Taco Bell. Usually I'm pretty cool with their food, but after getting some Nachos and two hard shell tacos, everything just tasted like burned oil to me. I don't know if they fry their shells and chips in store, but whatever it was it just tasted bitter and disgusting.

Now I hate Taco Bell, until the next time I get Taco Bell. The vicious cycle continues.

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I just want Jeff to play more old games and talk about stuff. He's super interesting to listen to, which is why I was kinda bummed that he didn't get in on D&D. Even if he's just sitting on the sidelines spouting bullshit the whole time, it still would have been super engaging to me.

Other than that, I still love this site.

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They should flip it on it's head and pick a game that Dan would hate. Then we can watch him suffer for four hours to balance it all out.

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Well thanks guys, I've been thinking about starting to watch the show on Netflix and finally did. It is now 6:30 in the morning. Just wanted to say that before I go off and watch some more instead of do something as useless as sleep.

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CMDR Wolfblitzer ready to space.

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Huh well that's cool. Thanks for the heads up.

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Well, with all the talk of the game again, decided to jump back in. Holy crap it is crazy different, but that has me looking forward to what the game has to offer.

In game is wolfblitzer85 if I could join and get in on this while it's hot!

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Ready for a bunch of Diablo now. Thanks duder!

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@humanity said:

I'm waiting on the inevitable Quick Look where Jeff will continue hating it and whoever is with him either confirms dislike or makes non-committal, indifferent comments with the conversation eventually going off into a tangent of how they wish X developer made Y driving game again.