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I would sure like to see what Nintendo could do with games in a technologically viable VR space. Unfortunately that will only happen if they make a headset themselves, since they won't be on any of the others. NX = Virtual Boy 2.0

this is such an interesting question. Part of me would think that someone like Miyamoto would JUMP at the chance to work with VR. But at the same time, a company like Nintendo lives on it's characters. Characters have yet to be shown to be of any use in VR. Do people really want to BE Link? Do they want to BE Fox McCloud?

To answer your last questions, not necessarily, but controlling and army of Pikmin or taking a picture of a Pikachu running around in your backyard could be kinda neat.

Basically if I can jack into my idealized Nintendo VR world of bliss, I'd be pretty okay with that.

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"Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?"

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Skyrim was super fun and all and I can't wait for the next one, but Oblivion really did it for me back in the day. It was the first time I had played a game like that, and goddamn what an experience that was.

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Culver's probably. A bacon double deluxe and some crinkle fries are always delicious.

And Taco Bell, because I can always go for a taco or eight.

Hmmm, I'd probably have to say Five Guys simply because, as someone whose favorite food is fries, the fact that I can essentially get a paper bag full of fries regardless of which size I order is a dream come true.

I've been meaning to try Five Guys again, but the first time I went, the fries were just a pile of greasy soggy nastiness. Please say they got better as in there is some crunch, because I love the idea of getting a mass of fries, but they were so disappointing. This was like 5 years ago, so hopefully it's gotten better as the burger was great, but man, those fries...

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I need shapely butts, so PC for me.

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I hope at the end Geralt winds up in a room with like 15 Godlings.

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I kinda felt the same way with the combat when I started, but now at level 12, I'm really starting too see how important all the stuff you can do is. It's fun if I see a shitload a wraiths around, oil up my blade properly, and Yrden all day taking each one out in two swings each. Utilizing Geralt's signs are imperative in later battles, and it makes a lot of otherwise stupid hard fights really easy. Axii against humans, especially shielded ones, make them super manageable as well. It's even better when you can make them fight for you. Also upgrade Quen. The alternate shield really helps with crazy annoying mobs like your Drowners and whatnot. Getting hit while it's active heals you up for a ton of health.

It is definitely slow going the first 10-15 hours or so, but once you start building up your skills and unlocking more slots, it really starts to open up and get a lot more tactical, at least for me anyway. As I continue to play, I feel like I am actually becoming more skilled in the combat, instead of the combat becoming easier simply because of my level. Some low level stuff can still really mess you up if you aren't careful.

Also Igni will one shot most wolves early on in the game.

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I was having a lot of fun riding around in my boat despite the animation for steering being absolutely atrocious but that's neither here nor there. Any who, all was well until THIS happened:

Ha this happened to me too, right after I got up from using a boat, the camera starting panning up and down all weird and then next thing I knew, I was up in the stratosphere. I fell right back down on my boat without taking any damage, and continued on as if nothing happened.

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I'm running an old ass Phenom II X4 AMD 960t unlocked to six cores at 3.6 ghz and a 970 at stock speeds along with 8gb of RAM.

I was super worried about my cpu being a major bottleneck, but it really does seem like this game utilizes your GPU. Everything set to high (except hair of course) and I get a solid 60fps at 1080p. I can set it all to ultra and get around 40-50 without hair, but to me, the difference isn't that huge between high and ultra in terms of quality.

Also put it on my SSD and I have to say it's totally worth it. Fast travel loads instantly.

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@avantegardener:Yes you can totally do that. You just have to set what GPU you want to use as the physx card in your nvidia driver settings. I did it for a while with my old 560ti when I got my 970, but took it out since it wasn't super beneficial, but still cool because there's two big cards in your computer.