Entourage and Friendship

On Sunday, July 12 the sixth season of Entourage premieres on HBO. Personally I love Entourage, I am practically addicted to the show. Most people would probably think this is because of the glamourous lives the main characters lead, that is partly true because I dream of living a glamourous like theirs when I'm older but the main reason I love the show is because of the friendship the main characters share. The bond that Vince, E, Johnny, and Turtle share is so strong and I think most viewers watch the show wishing they had similar friends or even just friends that they were as close to.


My plastic intrument decision

The only music game I have had over the years was Guitar Hero 2 and it ended up breaking for some reason so I returned it. After that, my friend game me his GH 2 controller for free because it only strumed down and I am left handed so I would bring it over friend's houses if we were going to play Rock Band.

When I saw Ryan's post I contemplated if I should buy the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero World Tour for $90 and with much thought I decided to order it. It isn't that $90 is that much money but I was considering buying The Beatles: Rock Band Bundle so it was a tough decision for me because I'm a huge Beatles fan. At the end of the day though these games are really mean't for those times when there are a lot of people over your house and I would be pretty nervious about those Beatles intruments getting damaged, considering how expensive they are. I don't really mind paying $90 for these intruments and GH 4, than later spending $60 on The Beatles: Rock Band. I save $100 and I get an extra game.

My Open Letter to Michael Jackson

Dear Michael Jackson,

I would just like to thank you for all of the beautiful music you have made over the years. You have brought joy to millions of people worldwide with your talent, including my parents and I. Even though I was not yet born when your career was at it's peak I still have great memories of sitting around the television and watching all of your great music videos with my friends and family. To this day every time I hear "Billie Jean" I want to start singing and dancing, even while I'm in public. I am so sad to see you pass so soon and we are all praying for you and your family. May you rest in peace.


Alice and Wonderland Scares the Living Shit Out of Me

Holy Shit! We had to read it in school and I find it so scary. For example, the fact that suddenly a rabbit runs passed Alice and is wearing a suit coat and carrying a watch and screams "Look at the Time" would be really scary if it happened in real life but Alice just plays it off like it is nornal and that is the scariest thing of all. Pan's Labyrinth scares me also. I never saw it but I saw the commercial and my friends tell me about it. If it is really late at night, dark, and quiet these thoughts can really freak me out.


I went on a first date...

And it kind of sucked..., it was with this girl I have been friends with for a few years. I took her out for dinner and she just seemed so desperate which was such a turn off. I could tell most of her friends have pretty much left her because she has been annoying them to the point that they hate her. I payed for dinner and then we went shopping around the mall. We went to some clothing store and basically I watched her try on clothes. She was all over me the whole night. I'm a high school student but I'm really into photography. She told me she wanted to bring over a bag of bathing suits over to my house and have me take pictures of her.

Than the mall closed so we sat out side a little bit. She started begging me to bring her to a party because no one invites her after she went on a long rant about how she looks down so much on drinking and smoking and how morally wrong she thinks it is. I teased her a little bit about it and she told me that she would do anything for me to take her... anything. That is exactly how she said it. If I actually had some sort of interest in her I would have probably said okay I want a kiss and kissed her but I was so turned off by her by the end of the night so I just igonored it. She kind of annoyed the fuck out of me the whole night and Monday at school she kept bothering me while I was with my friends. She is kind of attractive I guess, she isn't breath taking or anything but she isn't bad to look at either. My friends are kind of pushing me to get with her. I really don't know what I'm going to do.

Nudity and Sex: America vs Europe

Here in America sexuality is really looked down upon. The media trains it's public that sex and sin go hand and hand with each other. Throughout my whole life I have never seen a American movie that portrayed sex or nudity as something that is beautiful. We are trained by the media to think of sex as an awkward and inappropriate subject matter and when ever we see some sort of nudity in film we are shocked.
After watching the English film Cashback yesterday I remembered how much of a different light sex is looked at by Europeans. The film had tons of nudity in it and really portrayed how beautiful the female body is. It was great to see a movie that used nudity in a constructive way and not just for shock value. The movie is an emotional roller coaster and I recommend it to anyone who likes art.

My Love for Craig's 007 Movies

I've been sick so when I came home from school today I wasn't feeling well so I sat in front of the TV and popped Casino Royale into my blu-ray player. Wow, I forgot how great of a movie it is. The story line is excellent while the action scenes are great as well. Plus I love that it looks as if the movie is going to have a happy ending and than well you know what happens.

For some reason I never saw Quantum of Solace which is very strange because I was really looking forward to seeing it. In fact I was so excited for the movie my wall paper was the poster before it came out. Anyway I guess I got busy and forgot about it so I ordered it off Amazon for $23.

Games lose their value fast

Games lose their value faster than any other form of media I know. In a few months you can easily get a game that was $60 for $30 new in a store or $10-$15 used if you know where to look. Because of this I have stopped buying most of my games at launch because I feel like I'm just throwing my money away because I can't wait.