Preparing for X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Judging from my username I'm sure you can assume I'm a huge X-Men fan and well I'm very excited for the upcoming movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine which comes out on May 1st in the states. To prepare for this special movie over the weekend I'll be watching the first three X-Men movies back to back to back. I have the first two X-Men movies on DVD and the third on Blu-Ray. Also I'll be watching some episodes of the animated cartoon and reading the comics throughout the next few weeks. I also plan on watching all of the movies again the weekend before the movie comes out. Are you going to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


My Sick Day

So because of my cold I decided to stay home. I woke up around 1:45 and grabbed some water bottles and fruit. I than went and grabbed my laptop and watched a bunch of The Office and 30 Rock episodes on Hulu. Then I remembered how busy my day is going to be tomorrow and I started to clean up a little bit and do laundry. I am going to order a pizza to eat while I study. Tomorrow I've got to start writing a song about Macbeth with my friend because my English teacher is letting us bring in our guitars to play this song that were going to write for extra credit and plain good fun. I'll probably post a link to us playing the song on this site. Were playing it on friday. Alright I've got to empty my trash can full of tissues.


I have a cold :(

At this time every year I usually get a cold. It turns out I just got one today and I can't stand it. Don't you hate it when you keep sneezing in a class and your nose is running and all you have is one really over used tissue. That is the position I was in today and I felt miserable. Anyway I'm staying home tomorrow so I'll basically be in the forums and on twitter all day.



Procrastination is one of my biggest habits that I need to bring an end to. It is late on a Sunday night and I still have homework to do because I procrastinated so much. Tomorrow I'm going to be stressed about finishing it and managing getting it done before my classes and it will cause me so much stress. I usually manage and my grades are good for the most part but the stress is to much for me. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?


Nudity vs Violence

I don't understand why the nudity in Watchmen is getting so much attention yet heavy violence in movies is never talked about. No one ever complains about the amount of violence in movies like Saw 5 or Hostel 2 yet people wont stop criticizing Watchmen for having nudity in it. What is the big deal about nudity? Its not like a little nudity in a film will corrupt our society or anything. Large amount of violence in films are something to worry about though.


How OCD effects my life

After people at random were being sent anthrax in the mail during September, 2001 I started to wash my hands like crazy. I was 8 years old at the time and since then I've washed my hands 30-80 times a day. During the winter my hands turn very red and rough and when I was younger they used to bleed. As you can imagine this is very embarrassing. I hate it when people in my high school ask me why my hands are so red.
I have a fear of contamination. I see some things as clean and some things as dirty and if I touch a dirty thing I have to wash my hands before touching a clean thing our the clean thing becomes dirty. Also I feel a lot of anxiety about everything.
Anyway I just started taking medicine for it now and I'm going to therapy. Hopefully I can recover from this.


Can someone younger play during the Super Bowl halftime show?

Since 2004, when Janet Jackson's "wardrope malfunction" shocked America and embarrassed the NFL, Viacom, and the FCC every performer during the Super Bowl halftime show has been middle aged. Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, and Bruce Springsteen are all great musicians and might get my mom and all of her friends excited but why not have some new musicians play during the Super Bowl to get younger people interested in watching the halftime show instead of it being the best time for people my age to grab a snack. 
Just because Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake made a huge mistake during the Super Bowl doesn't mean all young musicians would. Why not have current musicians play during halftime like John Mayer, The Killers or Weezer instead of their older counterparts. I think that would make the halftime show much more entertaining for everyone. I've got nothing against "The Boss" but I will be thrilled if whoever preforms at the next Super Bowl halftime show is at least under forty.

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Heroes' Epic Struggle

The third season of the television show Heroes titled "Villains" has been very interesting so far and has taken the show in a completely different direction than the other seasons have taken us. In season one of Heroes we were introduced to several different characters with all different interests, genders, ages and nationalities who all were discovering that they had extraordinary powers. An artist who lives in New York City named Issac Mendez (played by Santiago Cabrera) has the ability to pant the future and he pants the city in which he lives destroyed with a cloud in the shape of a mushroom floating over it. A fun loving Japanese man named Hiro Nakamura (played by Masi Oka) learns he has the ability to bend time and space and teleports to New York City about a month into the future and witnesses this explosion and quickly teleports back to the present. Hiro and his friend Ando go on a quest to save New York City. The show follows many characters in the format that the movies Babel or Crash do in which their are many different storylines that come together into one and sure enough by the end of season one of Heroes every character interacts. What I loved about this season is that it portrays these characters as normal people that must deal with having these powers while living a semi-normal life or in other words they are not running around in tights, fighting bad guys and helping cats out of trees.
After season one was over and the show had many viewers and great press the writers were under a lot of pressure to make season two as good as season one was. The problem was that the purpose of the show was to portray normal people with super powers and to watch these people discover their extraordinary abilities. The characters were already fully aware of their abilities so season two had no purpose. Season two was still some what enjoyable for the Heroes fanatic but it did not live up to the quality of season one and made some crucial mistakes such as adding to many new characters with uninteresting storylines that took up to much airtime and were just not fun to watch and by leading old characters down some unusual boring paths. Also the WGA strike did not help and made the season end uncompleted and rushed. The season had a total of only 11 episodes. I'll give the show credit for David Ander's character of Adam Monroe. I like this character a lot and David Anders did an amazing job portraying him but I am very upset about how little Adam Monroe is in season three.
This current season has much action and is more like a typical show about super heroes than I would like it to be but I still am enjoying it a lot and it is a big improvement from season two. There are some episodes in the season that are a little slow paced and boring but than an exciting episode will air and remind me how good the Heroes is. The show continues to lose viewers but I think it is because Heroes has become to confusing for new viewers to start watching. The biggest problem I have with Heroes is the amount of times they make you believe a character is dead and after a commercial break you find of the character is still alive. They hold on to so many characters and they continue to add new characters to the show so the show becomes crowded and there is not enough airtime to portray all of these characters storylines plus there are a lot of characters that are so boring to watch and I wish they would get rid of them. I feel that they keep some of the characters on the show because they want to keep the actor or actress who play the character around on set and I understand why. The cast of Heroes is so awesome but in order to make the show interesting you have to kill some characters off. What really annoyed me was when Ali Larter's character Niki who I disliked so much died and than in season three you find out that Niki has a twin that was separated a birth that Ali Larter now plays and has just as much of a boring storyline. That is such a desperate thing for the writers to do to keep Ali Larter on the show. No offense to Ali Larter, she is a great actress but I just don't like any of the characters she has played on the show except for Jessica in the first season who was Niki's other personality (Niki had multiple personality disorder which she gets ride of in the second season).
Also the fact that the co-executive producers Jesse Alexander and Jeph Loeb were supposedly fired really bothers me.


What happened to clan match in games?

I remember playing Halo 2 with a clan of my friends and being matched up with other clans. Mr friends and I learned how to work together as a team and got to earn a ranking together that we shared. Why have games stoped promoting clan match. I would love to see a game make it easy for players to organize clans and get matched up against other clans. It was nice to see this feature in COD 4 but how about Gears of War and Halo 3? Please developers, support clan match.