Mahou Tsukai no Yoru visual novel demo

I was going to write a blog about Katawa Shoujo and my experience with since I'm disables but I got lazy and ended up doing other things instead. I'll probably do it some other time. Maybe. I ended up playing/reading the Mahou Tsukai no Yoru demo since someone translated it into English.

Now I suck at describing things so I'm trying to my best to describe things here. Mahou Tsukai no Yoru is a Visual Novel by Type-Moon and follows the lives of a teenage Aoko Aozaki (Aoko first appears as an adult in Tsukihime), Alice Kunjou, and Soujuurou Shizuki. Type-Moon visual novels have a strong focus on the story. I have to say something about the artwork really quick. I'm impressed at how much the art work has improved sine Tsukihime, no wonder it took Type-Moon a long time to get this released

An example of the art work

As for what the visual novel is about, I'm not sure. Aoko appears to be the main protagonist and so far you make no choices like you would in other visual novels. It seems like the demo jumps around different sections or it's the weirdest prologue for a visual novel I've seen yet. All I know is that all of them live in the same house together. In the demo you get to see some aspects of their daily lives, Soujuurou's epic gardening skills, and a battle scene involving Alice.

Alice about to fight off some intruders

That's right, I said battle scene. This is a Type-Moon visual novel. So magic exist in the world and those who practice are known as Magi. There's no animation used for the battle scene but the way the illustrations are used makes for nice pseudo-animation. The demo is pretty short and it took me around 2 hours to read it, only because I'm a slow reader. If you are interested in trying this, Siliconera has instructions on how to get the demo but it's probably easier to use the obvious other methods. The sad thing is when the full game comes out, we will probably never see an official English release of the game/visual novel and will have to wait for a fan patch


Recovering from surgery

I returned home from the hospital a week ago after getting surgery to repair a neck fracture and my life kinda sucks right now. Apparently I have problems swallowing so right now I'm being fed through a tube. Which sucks because I miss real food. My body is really weak and I've lost a lot of hand and finger strength. Which sucks since I can't really play video games any more and that makes me really sad. I can't even hold a book properly so I have a hard time reading, maybe its time to invest in a ereader but since I mainly read manga or graphic novels that might not be the best choice. Hopefully my strength will return and I will be able to do these things again. 
I also need another surgery to remove some tumors but no word on when that will happen.