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Bah, wrote a big post but got a generic "server" error. Argh!

In short, I was trying to be constructive in saying: Austin, guide the direction of the interview, but for me personally, it'd be more enjoyable with a few less interruptions. I was 15 minutes in when I wrote my now-gone post, now I'm 21 minutes in and there've been a few more interruptions just as soon as Sam starts replying so you can interject with an aside or to expand upon a subject.

Now, I've seen no one else say the same, so I'm probably the only one thinking this, but it's a personal bugbear of mine. An interviewee is the subject of the interview, you navigate the interview, but leave it to them to provide the bulk of the content! Or at least wait for him to finish talking before interjecting. :p

I remember Patrick before you also did something similar every so often, and you can definitely tell it's because you're both very excited and passionate about what you're discussing, you're very much enjoying the interview, but a little restraint would go a long way!

Not trying to be negative or a downer or anything, as the interview is friggin' excellent (And so is Her Story) -- keep up the good work and take my suggestions with a grain of salt. Keep bringing us quality content!

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@xseanzx said:

Yeah, people are going to think I am trying to be one of the cool people or something but I have played through about 4 hours on PC with no issues.

Sure there is some slowdown when in the batmobile, but there has been nothing nearly close to game breaking. Im enjoying arkham knight way way more than any of the other titles before it.

Super weird.

See, here's the disconnect. If you ask anyone "not having problems" to expand, it turns out, hey, yeah, they're getting fluctuating framerates and stuttering and crap, too. And 100% of users are affected by things like missing graphical features -- they just don't know about it. And as for the performance... lots of people just don't care. Plenty of people will be at 30FPS with dips into the 20s and won't give a crap. But for those of us with beefy rigs that have more than enough horsepower to run a game like this at a MINIMUM of 60FPS solid with no stutters or dips... this is just awful.

So I take anyone saying "they're not having problems" with a grain of salt, I think it's more like they just don't consider the same things to be "problems" as other players. The frame times alone are completely absurd. You look at XB1 frametimes (the time before the next frame is displayed, you want a very consistent, very low frametime or else you get microstuttering or full on stuttering, or the appearance of the game not playing smoothly even at very high framerates) and it's literally a straight line. Even on a super powerful PC you'd be getting frame times that look like someone was trying to draw a line during a particularly bumpy car ride.

There is, to my knowledge, 0 people who can run the game at a solid, unfaltering 60FPS with normal frametimes, and it's not because of the game being a powerhouse of visuals or anything, they took it off of the store for a reason, it's a complete fucking disaster of programming.

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@sprinks said:

I doubt WB would haved caved in as quickly as they did if it weren't for Steam Refunds and (to an lesser extent) Reviews.

Consumer protection works folks!

We had similar issues with previous Batman titles and I think Dead Rising 3. Because refunds were much harder to get... shit just went unfixed or got fixed extremely slowly. I remember a thread for Arkham Origins was "We're done fixing non-gamebreaking things, we're too busy making DLC."

Steam refunds take that attitude and smash it into a curb. It's great. Now developers might actually attempt to port their games properly. And if that means a game takes a little while longer or we miss out on a port or two, that's a price I'll gladly pay to end these shenanigans once and for all. WB can get its motherfucking shit together or it can continue to watch its sales all get reversed.

If we get a similar situation with consoles, I'd expect the "release a broken piece of shit" stuff to come to a GRINDING halt. Having a refund system in place is ideal because it means that every single party is interested in releasing a working, quality product, rather than just the end-user. It brings high quality games to the top, and bottoms out the turds. I love it. I love how quickly WB collapsed in on themselves here. Finally consumers of digital goods are getting some muscle and clout.

We will mount WB's head on a pike and leave it at the gates for all as a warning: Do it right or get the hell out of town. (Being a little melodramatic for fun, I'm absolutely thrilled that this happened when it did, the timing of Steam refunds and this is impeccable.)

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@wacomole: If you've got a PS4, grab your refund and put it toward the PS4 version. It runs rock solid at 30fps and I've only encounted one frame dip. Even when everything on screen is blowing up and the city is being destroyed by batmobile tank battles, the framerate never chugs. The one time it did dip it was during a cutscene of all things.

Oh and the game is a lot of fun.

I'll wait for them to fix the PC version. 30 FPS for me is just as broken as everything currently wrong with the game. I like my Batman games buttery smooth, and 30 FPS feels permanently chuggy. (I know it doesn't for plenty of people, but it does for me.) It does give me hope that they can fix this sooner rather than later, since the PC is the same "platform" as the consoles these days, so I'll just assume someone made one big screwup that can be fixed in a relatively easy time.

In the meantime, Heavensward and Her Story are keeping me happy!

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Okay, Dan did the same thing with another Kickstarter like a week ago. Lists that it's coming for Xbox One and PS4, but neglects to mention that there is in fact a PC version. This isn't always a given, so it's appreciated if you add all relevant information to your article. What platforms a game will be on tends to be important info!

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Thought it was a bit of an oversight on Dan's part that I had to go to the actual Kickstarter page to see that, yes, this is coming to PC as well... first, no less. C'mon, Dan, don't leave info like that out! Not all Kickstarter games get a PC release (As we saw with Amplitude) so it's not always a given.

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People saying they "never felt misled because I stay informed" are completely missing the point of a false advertising suit. You staying informed protected you from false advertising, that doesn't mean the false advertising didn't exist.

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@jejoma said:

I'll always remember that one podcast where Patrick was like "open the flood gates," concerning Early Access, and Brad was like, "I think this will be bad in the long term."

I think holding up Kerbal Space Program and a few other games as an argument for keeping Early Access as is, actually makes a better argument against it. If so few quality titles have come about because of the system, it's kinda not worth for me, as a Steam user, to have to sift through all the garbage to find what I'm looking for. I think Kerbal Space probably would have succeeded anyway no matter what it was labeled as.

This implies that the majority of games on Steam are good. This implies that the majority of games on ANY gaming platform in existence are good. Going by the logic on display here, you'd have to come to the conclusion that gaming as a whole isn't worth it because there's so much garbage out there.

Most video games are terrible, boring things. The few we all get excited for? That keep us coming back? They're a drop in the bucket of produced games every year. That's not the point, though.

The point is that you having the mildly inconvenient experience of sifting through a few extra games per day does not outweigh the benefits of early access. There's plenty of good stuff out there, Necrodancer, Nuclear Throne, Endless Legend, Rust (Currently mid-rebuild, but still good), Day Z, Gang Beasts, Planet Explorers (I love this one), Project Zomboid, Wreckfest, Prison Architect, Massive Chalice and plenty more.

Maybe you disagree with something I listed. Good, because that brings up my next point: You're not the arbiter of quality.

I like lots of games other people don't like, I like lots of games other people do like, if we start weeding out "bad" games, then we lose out on games only some people think are bad. The same goes for Early Access. I don't give two shits what you think is good, I don't come to you for review information, like you don't come to me for review information. Allow me to make my own decisions, and present me with as many games as you reasonably can. I, SOMEHOW, will manage to survive and pick out the ones that seem most interesting to me.

It's like people forget that Steam has always had crap not everyone wants to play, Bad Rats hit before early access, folks. Steam doesn't vet by "quality," as that's totally subjective, nor should they ever try. Leave that to specialty (digital or physical) retailers, not mega-storefronts.

Early access is easily one of my favorite parts of Steam. Watching a game go through development, whether I participate in early access or not, is completely fascinating to me. Seeing the huge changes that go through is incredible, and opening up a game that recently got a patch that changed almost everything is something I've been wanting to experience since I was a kid. Dungeon Defenders 2 just got a patch where they overhauled the entire gear system -- and I couldn't be more excited!

I say open the flood gates even wider. Maybe add an extra filter for those who seem to literally get physically injured from having a few extra items on a list per day.

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@probablytuna said:

Even if they did, it's not going to change much since I doubt it'll affect older systems and would only be a feature on future iterations and I'm not going out to buy a new 3DS just to play region-free games (unless they can unlock it through a patch but that seems highly unlikely). They should've had it unlocked at the start and just let the publishers control whether or not to region lock their games.

You're thinking small-beans. This is more of a looking-forward picture, making all future (theoretically) consoles and handhelds region-free instead of region-locked, which is antiquated garbage.

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@vincentvendetta said:

But one cannot change the creation, he cannot change objective elements inside of it, only its vision.

Yes, yes he can. He can and he has. Welcome to the internet!

@meatball said:

Why are you so angry? Do you have a stress problem?

Who said I'm angry? I emphasize words and swear a bit, you know, human communication. We're on Giant Bomb, where half the podcast is YELLING AT FULL VOLUME AND SWEARING LIKE THIS AND SHIT, so you should be able to communicate like that without some silly comment like this.

Also, what is the purpose of your reply? We're having a discussion here, quit trying to be a wise ass and discuss!