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My absolute favorite part of all this is that the lunatic idiot who started all this, in addition to all her other inane ramblings, posted these gems:

I think anyone, anywhere, should be able to say whatever the fuck they want, whenever the fuck they want, no matter how "offensive," because words are just words. Even the silly shit this girl's saying, I'm totally fine with! Say even crazier shit! That's the beauty of it all. You can say whatever the fuck you want, and if I'm for some reason offended, I can just elect not to listen.

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@mister_v said:

Yes, it's not been uploaded yet but you can still watch it here


Just popped in to say thanks, totally forgot about the ability to rewatch streams there.

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I do not have unlimited income, so no argument this man ever makes would convince me to pay his full price for his game. Sales allow me to buy more games. A temporary minor price reduction when the game is new is fine, but the rhetoric of "not punishing early adopters," is silly. Their reward for early adopting is getting the game sooner.

The reward for patient gamers is a lower price. This is how things like games work. Something 5 years old should not cost as much as something that came out today, for so many reasons. Less demand, the fact that game design doesn't age well a lot of the time, interest in other products, etc.

This man is taking a hard-line stance that really makes no sense, based on a flawed concept of what it means to be an early adopter or what a sale is for. "You know most of those people never play your game, right?" That's great. I play the games I buy on sale, so what, exactly, does he say about me?

It's just silly.

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infinite was a fun game with a great story and even better ending. That said, the actual gameplay and shooting was a huge stepdown from bioshock1

definitely should be in everyones top 10, but numba 1? nahh

The shooting itself with the new powers wasn't as good as 1 or 2, but the skyhook blows both of the previous games out of the water, at least for me. It made it so much more exciting than the sort-of-clunky plasmid-gun combos of the first game, or the deliberate-and-kinda-boring trap setting of 2. It was faster, frenetic and a joy for someone who loves their shooters to be fast.

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Yess, yesssss, one step closer to Persona 5 on my PC! What with Sega saying they're a PC publisher lately.

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@fminus said:

This is pretty useless as some have mentioned. When you share, you're locked out of your whole library.

The fuck are you talking about? You're never locked out of your own library. If someone's using your library and you log in, they get a few minutes to buy the game or exit it. There's a big difference between deciding to stay off so your wife can play and being "locked out."

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The main argument I used to see against points was there was no way to necessarily buy the exact amount of points you need. Well boo fucking hoo.

You can't get your stupid ass points on sale anymore.


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I totally have the Steam version! I'm Xbob42.

I tried to take a screenshot, but the Steam overlay doesn't work in fullscreen apparently (nor does the resolution properly scale, just seems to stretch) and Win+Printscreen just got me a white image. If I had Fraps running I could've got one, cause I was giddy as hell. It made me so CONFIDENT.

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So I'm doing okay at Divekick, I suck at most fighting games because, while I like them in concept, spending the time to learn big movesets for 300 billion characters is more time than I'm willing to commit to a game. That's why I had to have Divekick, the move list is simple, but the game was obviously, from watching Giant Bomb play it, very very deep. It had all the best parts (in my opinion) of a fighting game without all the extraneous bullshit. Pure and simple skill matchups.

That said, I think I'm doing okay in Divekick ranked, 40 wins, 40 losses, a 50% ratio, not the best, but considering that I literally lost every single Skullgirls (had the beta for Steam) match online so badly that I was only not perfected once, I'm quite proud of it.

Let me get into what I mean by the topic title, though: I was in it deep tonight, played a good 20 or so matches, going as they normally do, winning some, losing others (usually against people with nearly double my score) except near the end, I was on a 5-streak loss, the worst I've had so far. And most of it was due to one man: [EMP] Chicken or something like that. I'd choose Dive (Switched from Kick, Dive's height just seems way better than Kick's reach.) and he'd choose Mr. N and slaughter me. I was getting angry, but only with myself. He was playing great and knew exactly how to bait me.

Now, here's where Divekick's simplistic design shows its brilliance: From these matches, as someone who's played the game for a grand total of 3 days, I was able to see exactly what he was doing to me and after a few matches I came up with a remedy: The YOLO gem. He had the dive gem, so my extra jump height was no good, and he was a master flutter-man, so it was hard to get him into a situation where I could trap him or trick him. So I decided I was going to gain even more height. I equipped the YOLO gem and the effect was immediate: without his height advantage, he was dead meat. First round he went down in a split second, then in the second he tried to get sneaky so I built up meter.

Boy, let me tell you, Dive with a YOLO gem and a full meter is one crazy sumbitch. I choked him out in almost no time at all, I was basically jumping off of the screen and I'd kick to exactly where he was, no matter how far he was. It felt great. It felt like I had identified a problem and executed a solution. And that's so rare for me in fighting games. It made me feel like I was actually developing my skills and learning how to play far better than when I started, just a few days in.

In short, Divekick is amazing.

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@jazgalaxy said:

I could not disagree more.

There is no such thing as design evolution. What you are talking about, ESPECIALLY with down the sites aiming, is personal preference and trend. You mention Modern Warfare as being "evolved" FPS design, but I HATE Modern Warfare style FPS games. I think they are terrible. Are you right, or am I right? Niether. It's just personal preference. And what's trendy right now in the market is Modern Warfare and thusly, all games try to be modern warfare.

I can list a dozen sound design reasons why rechargeable shields ruin games. And, I can also list a dozen sound design decisions why they help the game experience. Niether is correct, it's just personal preference and whatever fad is popular at the time.

Being pretentious enough to think that whatever game you like right this second is somehow the "evolved" form of it is how people wind up looking at their yearbooks in 20 years and going "What the F was I wearing!?! I thought I was SO COOL in that picture..."

While I agree that DTS aiming is absolutely not a design evolution (It existed long, long before CoD and is totally a preference, I think it slows games down too much. It's crucial to separate trends from actual evolutions.) there is absolutely such a thing as design evolution. Super Mario 64 was the best of its time, it literally forever changed the way future 3D platformers would be designed and played. But so much of it doesn't hold up. It's still totally playable, but things like the camera, level structure and the like are just archaic these days.

Here's a design evolution: The gradual working away from limited lives in games. Super Meat Boy is harder than most old school games by far, but you don't get a limited number of lives. The game would be TERRIBLE if you got kicked to the main menu every 5 times you died, or even more old school, if you had to restart the entire game, because guess what? Being able to save your progress is also design evolution. As are checkpoints, and checkpoints, as developers used them more, also evolved over time to be strategically placed in ways that ensured the experience didn't come to a screeching halt.

There is, absolutely, 100% such a thing as design evolution. You not liking it has nothing to do with whether it's evolved or not. Fish evolved to not have legs, I like having legs, this does not mean that fish didn't evolve. (Don't make this an argument about how fish evolved and didn't have legs to begin with or I'll bitch slap you.)