Disney Land!

I'll be going to DisneyLand California , pretty pumped about it, finally have enough money to go out of the country, England Next year! ^w^

Happy summer everyone


Crowds and Tons of People

I just don't really like crowds, it get very hot, very crowded, and lots of people have no respect... =S

Also as User: AlexMarra has stated, no one website running the press conferences live are good quality ....

is it GiantBomb's Turn to pitch in to Live Streaming? =P

talking about video Props to Wiskey Media for the fantastic video quality and everything related

Keep up the good work!

and enjoy E3 2009!


Burnout Paradise Overview

It has been a while since I last played Burnout Paradise, so I had decided to play it again in the past few days

I had really forgotten how awesome of a game it was, and how it still is one of the most visually impressive games even after a year after its release, and how the criterion team keep on supporting and creating content for it's game.

I remember when Criterion announced that they were making a new burnout no one expected it to go off its original formula, and be turned into an open world racing game, this brought a lot of skepticism to the game, and how people thought this world not work, but in the end this formula brought one of the best games on wheels that you can get.

The Open world setting worked wonderfully, every intersection was a race, that you could pull up too, perform a burnout and off you go, many races including the normal:
Race from point A to point B against opponents
Road Rage - which asked you to take down a certain amount of opponents in a given amount of time , and each time you completed a Road Rage event the counter would increase (I'm currently at 29, and have 2 more Road Rage's to go)
Marked Man - Were you must Race From Point A to point B, and try to survive, as you are being aggressively pursuit ed by black menacing cars
Stunt Run - Asks you to perform stunts to get a high score, without crashing, if you crash your combo would end - how to achieve combos you would have to perform, jumps, barrel rolls, or anything stunt like to gain multipliers
Burning Route - This Mode asks you to use a specific card, and race from point A to Point B in a specific amount of time, if completed this would award you an upgraded version of the car you had to race with.

The open world setting also allows you to set time records on every street, and showtime rules (which is turning your car into a scrap of metal and crashing into as many cars as possible to get awarded money), also adds a search element to the world as you need to find all 50 stunt jumps (bigger jumps then ordinary), 120 Billboards you must smash, and 400 Gates you must smash, if any of those events are completed you are also awarded a car, I also love how you obtain cars, if you win a certain amount of events, a car will appear in the world as a "rival" and you must drive around paradise city find it, and take it down, when you do so its heap of destroyed metal will be delivered to the junkyard, and you must go pick it up, and drive it to the nearest repair station - I find this mechanic very intuitive and fresh.

Criterion also did a nice number on the cars, I currently posses 78/80 cars (all the cars in the game without the DLC , with the DLC there are over 100 cars) and how each car as a differnt sound to their engine, and how they all handle differently, they also added 3 different types of boost types, so you can choose the ones that fit more your playing style, the boost types include:

Stunt -
This Boost Type has a very big boost bar, you can use the boost when ever you want, the way to gain boost, is to perform stunts, such as gaining air of jumps, drifting, and doing barrel rolls (these types of cars usually have average speed, a lot of boost power, and medium strength)

This Boost type has a very small boost bar, and you can only use the boost once it is full, but you can burnout your boost and imdiatly fill it up again, if you drive dangerously such as drifting, near miss's, and driving into incoming traffic. (these types of cars usually have High Speed, High Boost Power, but low Strength)


Well I like to call this the rage cars, these cars start off with a medium boost bar, you can use the boost when ever you like, you gain boost by taking out other cars, if you take out another car it adds to the boost meter, but if you crash or get taken out by another car, your boost meter decreases (These Cars usually have medium speed, medium boost power, and a lot of strength)

Every Time I load the game up it keeps surprising me on how pretty the visuals are, and are some of the best on the consoles, even after a year

As I previously stated, I'm very impressed on how Criterion has continued to support its game, with free content updates, such as adding bikes, and a dynamic time of day, but you can also pay for additional content such as legendary cars (cars that resemble, the Ghostbusters Mobile, Dukes of Hazard Car, Kitt from Night Rider, and The Delorian From Back To The Future), you may also purchase, boost special cars, one which once you start the boost it never turns off, and one with an interchangeable boost

The HodRod Special Infinite Boost

The Hawker Mech (Interchangable Boost)

When this baby hits 88 miles/h you will start seeing some serious shit!

Soon to come to Paradise city, is the addition of a new mode - cops and robbers, and big surf Island, which will have a much more vertical sence of exploration and crazynuts jumps, now I'll leave you with a picture from the upcoming cops and robbers and a video - enjoy

I have a real affinity for cars that have been turned into cop cars

© Isaac Nicon 2009
(This means that if you see this anywere else by anyone else then this user, its not them who wrote it)

Edit - May 30th 2009

The Island Looks very cool - lots of open world to traverse and explore and this will do well online for crazy stupid stunts that we all love to pull off

I really like the mindset of the Criterion team's developers - if you can see it you can get to it

I will pick this up in the future, I hope you all enjoy the Island as much as I will

E3 2009 Baby!


Spore is interesting

I like it alot so far, but I would enjoy it even more if my pc was not low end, i get alot of glitches and such, but so far its pretty good, I love the space stage, it reminds me alot of star trek with the Grax as the Borg and such and I think its awesome and I love creating all the vehicles in Star Wars possible, and the first star ship I build was the USS enterprise from the original series


My Wii is collecting dust...

Other then booting it up for smash bros, and some other mario titles, or just to sit on my couch and slightly move my wrist to play Wii tennis, nothing good has graced us, and I really really dont want to wait 3 years for a good tittle to come out, I think the Wii has great potential its just that nintendo are being annoying and following the thing with the biggest wallet income, urgh....