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I just want to say the death animation for stepping on a mine in Total Carnage is absolutely ridiculous.

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The site's gonna be missing out on written articles now that Patrick's gone, so hopefully we get some more stuff like this with the staff just talkin' 'bout games. Nice little writeup, by the way, Jeff.

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This ain't triflin'

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I've posted this video on the site too many times in the past couple of years.

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Jazzpunk made it on the list, sweet.

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@corruptedevil: I just think he hates wrestling. Every single post he's made in this thread has just been full of vitriol. Wrestling fans love to bash the thing they love, but not to that extent.

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Don't start judging a name until you hear what the NXT crowd can do with it. They are pretty much geniuses when it comes to getting a wrestler over. Kenta got immediate Hideo chants in his first match last week and judging by that leaked video they're all over the Finn name too.

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Bloodseeker's new ability looks kind of amazing. It draws a giant elaborate eye out of blood on the ground and then explodes.

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@redyoshi: Weirdly enough they remind me of the FMV advisers from Civilization 2. I guess what I'm saying is 2K should make a wrestling themed Civilization/FMV game.