Home for the holidays.

This Christmas I'm going home to America. I'm planning to buy some older games. Might post reviews. At that point I will still vist this site everyday. but with my lack of cash, I won't be posting too much. wishing for an x360. wish me luck.

First Review

Did a review a couple days ago. As my first I think it probably sounded horrible, but I know that I found all the good  and bad points about the game, and still I think I reviewed it pretty well. I hope to review some more stuff before this is over. I'll be reviewing Wii and PSP games that no-one else has reviewed yet, and I think are good or well known enough that people will care. I'll also be reviewing DS games once I find my old DS again. As I live in Beijing I have easy access to legal and cheap games so I'll regularlly review when I get a chance.
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