Happy happy happy! Joy joy joy!
Well, after days of solid bitching about my submissions still pending, all of my articles have now been approved! The thing that I am most pleased about is that they have allowed the inclusion of links at the bottom of my Faxanadu article that leads to YouTube pages where you can hear Faxanadu's music. That's just really cool that they're letting you link to relevant game stuff outside of Giant Bomb.

Anyway, my three articles are:

Faxanadu, Duck Tales and Snake, Rattle n Roll. There's a guy who has more Duck Tales points than me, and God alone knows what he contributed to the page.

I think the Snake, Rattle n Roll one is the best, which is hardly surprising as it's my most recent article, and hopefully my future contributions will be along those lines.

Having submissions accepted rocks!

Submission queue seems to be extremely long...

So for those of us who made a few wiki submissions within the past five days, and then took a back seat, waiting for them to be reviewed before we make any more edits, life at the Bomb hasn't been easy. I know the staff and mods are doing everything they can, but when you've been waiting for your first wiki to be accepted for over five days, it's hard/impossible to feel motivated to add more to the site. The fact that my first wiki edit from over five days ago hasn't been looked at yet sufggests that it's going to be quite a while before they get it down to the preferred 24 hours.

Of course, I could do what most people have done and give myself an easier ride to 1000 points by submitting pictures, but I honestly find that extremely tedious and not a fun way to spend an afternoon. The only pictures I submit are the ones I add to my articles. People who do add lots of images, fair play to them. It's not my kind of deal.

And another thing while I'm here, why are things like images and objects and concepts and themes getting looked at by the staff and mods before the five-day old wiki submissions? Wouldn't it be a better idea to concentrate on the wikis, and then to think about reviewing the other stuff?


Pending for three days?

Hey folks. Just a quick question here for my fellow Giant Bombers: Have any of you got wiki submissions pending that have been pending for three days now? At the time of writing it's actually closer to two days and 23 hours,  but this does seem like an awfully long time to have been waiting, even though I realise that they must be completely swamped at the moment. I'm not complaining; just wondering if anyone else has been waiting for as long as that. Cheers.


Giant Bomb and Wikipedia: Some thoughts

I've just said in a thread that I have posted two "wiki-style" articles that are currently pending submission. But then I realised that my Giant Bomb submissions differ rather a lot from the types of articles found in wikipedia, in that they are not wholly impartial. Wikipedia, for example, isn't going to have the word "Boooiinnggg!" as a caption for an image of the pogoing Scrooge McDuck in Duck Tales, is it? However, I do think that such things should be allowed on Giant Bomb. Giant Bomb should be striving to be different from wikipedia. Wikipedia already exists- if you want wiki-style articles then go to wikipedia where there is sure to be a wiki-style article on the game of your choice.

I suppose the question here for my fellow Giant Bomb counterparts is this: Is there scope for creating articles which, alongside offering spot-on technical information about a game, can also veer into slightly less formal territory, with subtle attempts at humour and a more artistic literary style that isn't as stuffy or formal as wikipedia? I've made two articles which I hope encapsulate the latter (Faxanadu and Duck Tales) and we'll see in a few day's time whether they've been accepted or not. I just don't see the point in striving to write wiki articles here on Giant Bomb, when we can just go to wikipedia itself for that sort of thing.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want the articles here to be filled with silly, snarky comments and immature posturing, but we shouldn't worry about being as rigid and as formulaic as the type of fare found on wikipedia. We should be looking to incorporate the factual accuracy of wikipedia along with the love of games that a community such as our own so obviously has in abundance.


Let's get this show on the road!!!!

Not being someone who is a prolific blogger, I am somewhat surprised to find myself so enthusiastically typing random nonsense into this here blog, but this is no ordinary website. Like the many other folk who have been frequenting Giant Bomb since its initial inception as a blog back in, um- March, I think- I have been looking forward to getting my hands on the finished product and getting totally stuck in to everything that the site has to offer. I'm looking forward to creating a few articles about totally obscure NES and Mega Drive games (will Giant Bomb call the Mega Drive the Genesis or the Mega Drive?- That's an important question), and just generally making my unique presence felt in the wider Giant Bomb community. In this blog, you can expect to hear a fairly inflammatory and downright immature discussion of games, primarily, and anything else that I might happen to be thinking about at the time. I'm currently playing Lost Planet *gulp*, and so I might very well end up venting about that game's many, mant shortcomings and also its few saving graces. So yeah, probably best to avoid this blog for the forseeable future.