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@opus said:

When the unloader finds it they are to put it aside and send it to someone that opens your package, removes the contents and put it in a new box, giving people the illusion that their items travelled safely.

That's messed up.

@karkarov: I agree with you about pissed off people being more vocal, but when it's YOUR console that's broken it's hard to put it in the proper perspective. Congrats on getting a non-damaged PS4.

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@vash108: My boxes were fine too, but as I packed my PS4 to send back to amazon I noticed that one of the cardboard panels that held the console in place was in pretty bad shape. There was also a rip in the plastic cover that goes over the PS4 on the same corner where it was cracked. In my case it appears the shipment was dropped and the internal packaging in the PS4 was unable to absorb the impact. IMO that's Sony's fault for not protecting their product properly. I have another one coming Monday, hopefully that one will be pristine. I also arranged to pick it up at my FedEx hub as the more it travels the more chances it has to get damaged.

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@vash108: I'm just going to return it to Amazon and try and find another one this weekend. I know the odds aren't in my favor... Good luck with your situation.

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@infectedhero: idk. The packaging shows no signs of damage. It was, like Vash108 suggested, probably damaged while it was being assembled. c'est la vie.

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@vash108: My PS4 from Amazon is cracked in exactly the same place. I am able to boot it up, however it crashes frequently. I haven't even been able to play a game.

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as previous poster said SL 75 is more than sufficient to get through this level.  tip on the reapers, do not use magic upgraded weapons/arrows as their magic defenses are high.  also, try and rush them to finish them off before they have a chance to cast, and before the shadowlurkers surround you.  if you're still having trouble equip the rune shield to protect you against their magic.   
the old hero is an easy boss fight, just make sure to have plenty of arrows.  you can hit him twice from behind with arrows/magic and the run behind that first stone in front of the fog gate.  you should be able to get through it without getting hit if you're patient. 
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here's the level restriction formula:  host soul level +/- (host soul level * .1) + 10, always round down.   
so if your soul level is 75, the max invading enemy PvP soul level is 75 + (75*.1) +10 = 92.5, rounded down is 92.   
[formula from demon's souls wiki, which has been consistent with my PvP experience.]