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It's RE with dinosaurs, and without a lot of the fun. 0

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't write something dumb!Your review must be at least 100 words long.Use clear, ea...

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Its classic design can't save its own overall mediocrity 0

The Club....really doesn't get any simpler than what you read and see on the back of the game case, a third person shooter which haves you easily taking down mass' upon mass' of dumb-founded AI nobodies with guns that sound like they shoot popcorn instead of bullets.The real reason why I purchased such an un-appealing game was because, mainly, it was the best I could find at the price range I had carrying around at the time. Though for £18 I think it did live up to its value, though just, any pe...

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Brutal, gorey and atmospheric yet still not all that scary. 0

Silent Hill Homecoming...Alot has to be said about just how different it is when compared to its predecessors.No surprise when considering the major alteration of developer, fortunatly the changes that consist stray much more towards an improvement rather than a step or two down...the majority of them at least.Silent Hill Homecoming or Silent Hill 5 as originally known (though in fact is the 6th in the series chronologically) was released for most of the world all the way back in October 2008, s...

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An OK attempt at bringing Blockbuster action to our fingertips 0

Games and movies in general seem to be getting closer and closer every year with intially starting at distant cousins to sex-crazy lovers.Games being made too movies movies being made too games, it never really works as far as today with the James Bond Series of gaames the only real worth-while movie2game purchases but even they have been slipping a little.The story and atmospheres in games has also been reaching the hollywood standards recently with the Metal Gear Solid series as a prime exampl...

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What levels it succeeds on can't match up to its faults 0

The Force unleashed should have been one of the greatest games of 2008; it should have perched itself as a nominee for GOTY; it should have given Star Wars geeks all that more canon story to add to their catalogue. TFU was meant to do a lot of things, but sadly only managed to live up to a few.As a story it does at least give some more insight into the destruction of the Jedi , the birth of the Rebel Alliance and even more character development for everybody's favourite robotic asmastic. There i...

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Never has so much potential been squandered 1

Mercenaries 2.....I don't even know where to start.It definatly looks like it had the potential to be a fantastic and fun experience, but is held back by some annoying gameplay glitchs and cheap tactics involved in the firefights.Mercs 2 is not exactly your average sandbox game in the sense that everyone whos head of the mercs game will agree that it focus' on pure destruction of whatever gets in your way. A rather weird clash is how hurting civilians will cause you a penalty of currency, so whi...

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Oddly one of the best batman games to date. 0

The lego games combined with a popular theme do manage to sum up some imature, harmless and rather silly entertainment. Lego star wars achieved what it planned to do with garnering many different types of gamers to enjoy its adorable atmosphere and some lighthearted gameplay mixed with a slight parody of its overall story.Then came the Indiana Jones game, which I myself haven't even had the disc in my i can't judge all that well wether it managed to continue on travellers tales strong tr...

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In space nobody can hear you scream, in Dead Space however... 2

Dead Space, one of the most surprisingly succesful games of 2008. Virtually no hype was centered around Isaac Clarke's perils among the Ishimura and when it finally came to be, it blew the critics and survival horror fanatics away in a giant stream of blood n dismembered limps.Dead Space is far from revolutionary and in fact isn't all that unique either, but it still manages to give players an incredibly horrorific journey with its gameplay managing to hit perfection with how its all executed.It...

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Fun for the whole universe! 0

In short Resistance 2 is exactly what a sequel should bring. It doesn't necessarily give alot of new gameplay mechanics to offer with its overall gameplay scheme, but still improves on virtually everything Resistance: Fall of Man did right and even fix some of the things it done wrong. That said R2 can safely be put under your fast paced run n gun FPS category. All the same basic formulas are here but it still gives you a top quality equivalent to all of those aforementioned formulas.R2 offers y...

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The ps3's definite mark on what it has to offer 0

The ps3 had a pretty rough start, and it took quite a while for it to get out of the rut it was stuck in. It's no secret and even Sony I'm sure would admit that the ps3 had a very awkward start.Soon enough though, with all the updates and some much more memorable exclusives came churning in, the ps3 was finally starting to reveal its hidden potential.Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is possibly one of the biggest boosters to get the ps3 flying off the shelves. It's extraordinary graphics had set the st...

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The brilliant atmosphere is able to counter the so-so gameplay 0

Primal is an Action Adventure title developed by SCEE, and one of the only games to have the ability to say it was developed by SCEE.SCEE as i've noticed don't really release games all that often, and considering that still they haven't come up with an instant classic or anything even close to a masterpeice to get themselves a franchise going its to no surprise, but each title they release may not be one of the greats but they at least all manage to be pretty decent and definatly worth a look.Pr...

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A giant drop from the quality of its predeccesor 0

The Manhunt series are without a doubt one of the most controversial series going. They make Mortal Kombat seem kid friendly to the amount of chaos the manhunt games have caused.The first was released to your typical critiscm from parents and the like, but some pretty favourable reviews from the critics. While incredibly gorey with the focus being on some really nasty executions of your enemys, it still had some good stealth gameplay, a fantastic and equally disturbing script and in general a go...

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More of the same but in the UK thats easy to look past. 1

Over in my homeland, in the apparently, Great Britian theres a large shortage of entries from the Tales series available. With only around 3-4 out of its 10+ cast list the main critiscm of Vesperia being a tad too similair to the past games can safely be overlooked when the last console Tales game you played was 5 years ago with almighty Tales of Symphonia.Thats not to question Tales of Vesperia as an absolute beast of an RPG game, no matter which oddly shaped piece of land you've been raised in...

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Dissapointing and surprisingly generic yet still addictingly fun. 1

Game series hardly ever manage to really last forever, besides a notable few most of gamings top franchises have either simply hit over to the retirement home or have began to delve into mediocrity and more or less becomes a nuisance to the gaming world.Resident Evil 5 isn't exactly either. Its certaintly showing its age and lack of innovation yet still has plenty of energy left which does transend into its highly addictive latest outing.RE5 reunites classic RE fans ((and introducing the RE4 fan...

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Take advantage of your pyromania to save the world!! 0

Burn Zombie Burn, is without a doubt one of the best downloadable games available on the PSN.It plays out very much like an arcade game, but one with a surprising amount of lastability.B-Z-B plays out in a 3rd person perspective but with the view on a slanted birds eye view. You can see your character, humoursly named Bruce for which could be an obvious wink to Bruce Cambell, aswell as most of his surroundings. As you move Bruce the camera will scroll along always keeping up and giving you plent...

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Fun and frustration go hand in hand with Prototype. 0

Prototype was seen by many, as the 360's answer for inFAMOUS. With both released the similarities can be compared and the differences can certaintly be noticable.Prototype is a sandbox super-hero game but thats all that it has in common with inFAMOUS.The game nails of lot of OMGWTF moments perfectly and for the first few hours you'll find yourself being consumed yourself with the pad being firmly super-glued to your hands. Soon enough however, the gorey smokescreen subsides to reveal a surprisin...

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