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The latest piece of Dragon Age DLC is also the worst.

Even with the announcement of Dragon Age 2, the never ending bevy of downloadable content for the Origins of the franchise still keeps a rollin'. 
This latest piece, Golems of Amgarrak, returns the player with their Warden character to aid the Dwarf Jerrik Dace into searching for his lost brother who disappeared on an expedition during the Blight. The story alludes to have alot of mystery about it, to just what did happen to the expedition but won't nearly meet most expectations after all the build up. 
In any case you first start the game by importing your Warden from Origins, or Awakening though it doesn't affect anything just besides what gear your character has. You may also create a new high level Warden character. No matter how your Warden is integrated it won't make a single difference. Given how little dialogue your character is able to have in this pack your character has been narrowed down to another, more or less, nameless party member. Playing as your character from a saved Origins/Awakening file will at least determine just which King of Orzammar is mentioned, either Bhelen or Harrowmont, and whether you sided with Caradin or Branka during the Dwarf segment of Origins. 

Asked by Jerrik himself to help search for his brother, you arrive at a generic Dwarven Thaig (for anyone who's played through as much Dragon Age content as I have) until you eventually manage to discover Amgarrak. It's best not to go much further than that, however, just from how little story is present could equal anything else as spoilers. 
The gameplay is of course just more of Origins. No new abilities and ironically the level cap is lowered to 35 instead of 40 from Awakening. All abilities and specialisations from Awakening are at least handed through, even if you don't have Awakening installed. Your party isn't much of a highlight, either. Your Warden characters joins Jerrick on his/her own. Jerrik himself acts as the rogue of your squad along with his own pet Bronto called Nug. Eventually you'll be accompanied by a Warrior Dwarf and even a Golem. Though this isn't quite the characteristic and colourful Shale. This Golem can't even speak and much like your main Warden character just acts as another set of abilities to take advantage of. 
So unless your main character is a mage, you'll be severely lacking in much of the usual stream of spells. The Golem can at least do a few lightning spells and may act as the healer oddly enough
The game boasts of giving a new challenge for the veterans of the Dragon Age games. It's true that this is some of the toughest content in Dragon Age but most of it will consist of you constantly falling to the ground, unless you're properly specced, from Golems hurling boulders at you over and over. The final boss battle aswell is pretty tough, though more so from a constant stream of skeletons that the game only subtly gives you the hints on how to defeat them. 
The overall package is pretty short, only lasting about an hour maybe and with very little replay value except maybe to play through again as a Mage if you didn't the first time. Everything about it just reeks of pure sloth with a barely developed story, incredibly uninteresting party members and with very little dialogue for your character to speak of leaves your own Warden feeling like a shadow who's only tagging along for this boring and uneventful ride. Even the couple of items that are transferred to Origins and Awakening after completion aren't anything noteworthy. 
Even with its relatively cheap price this is still as pointless and forgettable as Dragon Age DLC gets.
Posted by CaptainObvious

I feel like at this point they're just trying to cash in on this franchise.

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