Getting Nowhere Fast - And Loving It

I'm still working on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which I bought the day before it was released (on Steam, I still couldn't play it until it was officially released)

In a strange way, the game reminds me of Grand Theft Auto. I often get distracted and spend a lot of time exploring, hacking every computer, sneaking into every area I can find and seeking out every box of ammo and power bar that I can find. (I was talking to everyone (NCP) and reading every e-book I could find, but was not all that rewarding). I am in no rush to complete the missions (especially the main missions) until after I have run out of other things to do, including some silly achievements.

I compared this to Grand Theft Auto, because I also get distracted from the main quest in those games, whenever I see a cool car, find a side quest (like collecting cars for a garage) or just go racing around town at top speed until I do something to get the police on my tail (and soon after the feds and then the army).


Deus Ex- Game Over

 I have been playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the last couple of days, and I am really enjoying it.  I am a veteran of the original Deus Ex game, which I really enjoyed, though I don't remember too many details of the game.
This Deus Ex: Human Resistance really appeals to me as it's a blend of Snake Plisken and Blade Runner.  Even some of the music sounds a bit like that from Escape from New York.
So far, I have gotten little accomplished in the game.  I have been exploring the section of the city available to me, hacking everything I find and attempting to avoid trouble, but taking care of business when hostilities ensue.
I found it very interesting that in Deus Ex: Human Resistance, when you are killed, you are given the message game over.  It seem very suitable, because technically you have lost the game, but it doesn't detract from game play it all and really is only a different wording (or lack of) than other games have.
One other thing is I consider this to be a true Role playing game, in that I take the role of the character, other characters talk with me and react to my replies and there are various actions I take which impact how the game plays out.
This is opposed to ROLL  playing games where your character (usually part of a party) stands still while attacking some monster, and numbers appear above your head indicating the level of damage you've done, which has no appeal to me.


Portal 2 Co-op

I gave Portal 2 co-op a try and really liked it .  It's a worthy continuation of Portal 2, both in game play and story.  There was enough new stuff to keep the game interesting, and not just rehashing what I had done in the single player.
One thing that I was amazed by was the first player I played with was really co-operative.  Honestly, in most "co-op" or team games, I find that few people work together.  But then again, you cannot get anything done AT ALL in Portal 2 co-op if you don't work together.
That being said, the second and third person I attempted to play co-op with had used some cheats to add weapons to the game and immediately attacked me, not only making playing with them pointless and unproductive but unenjoyable (I quit after a few seconds with them).  Why are there so many douches out there that think every game they play is death match?


This was a Triumph.

 I went back and played the original Portal once I heard that Portal 2 was coming out, and enjoyed Portal so much that I bought Portal 2 (once it had gone on sale on Steam).  I really enjoyed it, and like the stark feeling of the later levels, as well as the new "character".  It was certainly a worthy sucessor to Portal, though I realize the original Portal was short, and this game was quite a bit longer, I still get the impression it was a bit shorter that what I would consider standard (i.e. Half-Life 2).
There was enough new stuff added, making this game a fine successor to the original.
But I would have been happy even if they had just given me more test chambers for the original game.


Hail to the King?

I bought Duke Nukem at a midnight sale at Best Buy, and found that it was rather mediocre.  While I was glad to get it and see what they had done with Duke after 12 years, the game didn't have the same feel as the original.  While it did take 12 years to release, I get the impression that this was put together in the 6 months or so from the time the game was canceled to this one being released.  The game didn't have any major defects, and it seemed like all the parts were in place (wild weapons, one liners and strippers) the parts didn't live up to the original.


So many Antlions!

I began playing Half Life Episode 2 yesterday.  While it seems quite good, and the story took an impressive and unexpected turn, it still kinda creeps me out having to walk through those tunnels with all those grubs.
I think one of the most amazing aspects of Half Life (any Half Life game) is the scripted events that are not limited by your perspective.  Anyone who has played even the beginning of Half Life knows there are moments when things are happening around you, but you are able to look and move around, giving you the feeling those events are happening spontaneously, while avoiding relying on things like FMV (Full Motion Video - i.e. cut scenes) which may detract from your sense of really being in the game.

I don't know if I will have time to play anything else before Duke Nukem Forever is released, but I am still considering picking up Portal 2 and even Borderlands.
I noticed I also have a copy of Half Life:The Lost Coast included in my Orange Box (what a deal!), but I don't know how it compares to the episodes or the original game.  Is it as long as the original game?  Does the story continue  the original story or have any connection with it?  Anyhow, it's gonna be a while til I run out of games, so I will consider it for a while before I make my next gaming choice.



I've been considering what to play next.  I finsihed Portal 1 a while ago.  Of course, I am giving Portal 2 some consideration.  I haven't read any of the reviews, but then again I want to avoid having any surprises revealed before I play the game.   I really enjoyed the You Don't Know Jack games, and have been pondering picking up the new release.  Also, after seeing that propsal video made for those fans of Borderlands, I have taken that game into consideration.
Of course once Duke Nukem Forever gets released, I am going to drop everything else to play that game.


Gimme Head

What I thought was an endless pursuit of hats, I think has come to an end, with one exception.  I've got all the hats I was really looking for in Team Fortress 2, with the exception of the elusive Max Head.  Being a veteran of the original Sam & Max game.

As for my other hats - each one has a meaning as to why I wanted it:

Scout (there isn't any scout hat peaks my interest)
Pyro -  Tiboniophorus Tyannus (Brain Slug) - For my love of Futurama, the greatest animated show ever made.
Soldier - Lumbricus Lid  - For Monty Python and the game worms, of which I have enjoyed several iterations.
             - Killer Kabuto - for my long time in and connection with Japan
            - Chieftain's Challenge - for that part of me with is native american
Demoman-  Samura-eye - same as killer Kabuto.  Also before this hat was realeased, none of the demoman's hats appealed to me.
Heavy - Tough Guy's Toque - Jayne's hat, the first hat I had to acquire, and the only one I bothered getting vintage.
              Big Chief - same reason as Chieftain's Challenge
             Top Knot - same reason as Killer Kabuto, but also from those episodes of Abarenbo Shogun I've watched (I actually traded this hat, so I need a replacement)
Engineer - Professor's Peculiarity - for my third favorite movie of all time, Back to the Future and the only hat with a level I care about 88!!
Medic - Ze Goggles - for Ghostbusters, a really fun film
Sniper - I don't find any of the sniper's hats appealing, nor do I like playing snipers (too many
Spy - While it's my preferred class, I don't find any of the hats very appealing. I usually use the Detective Noir, which looks a bit like Indiana Jones' hat, or appropriately enough like the one Sam Spade wears.

Also I should mention my Towering Pillar of Hats, which I got as one of my first hats, from a server where some one was kind enough to invite me when he was about to open a Pile O Gifts.  I didn't realize at the time that hat gifts are somewhat rare from the Pile O Gifts.

And of course someday I will get around to acquiring an unusual.


What is your Quest?

Continuing my inexplicable addiction to these quests.  I really wish I could do the limited edition quests, even if I wouldn't get XP for them.  I don't have any idea what the XP does any how, nor how to check how many xp points I have.



Having been playing Team Fortress 2 for nearly a year now, and being an owner of the Orange Box, the release of Portal 2 has inspired me to play Portal (1 the original).  The only thing I knew about Portal was what I have seen in the commercials I have been bombarded with on TV.

I actually had no realy idea what the game would be about, and even after playing it, I cannot say what it is about, but I expected it to be a kind of First Person Shooter, which I usually enjoy, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was less than that, but yet quite a bit more.  So far, no gun (at least for my character) have appeared, but I didn't realize it was a puzzle game, and a really unique one at that.  So far, none of the puzzles feel contrived, nor are the frustrating, like some jumping puzzles in other games can be.  The game give you freedom of movement that you expect from a first person shooter.  But it also has a decent amount of humor, which makes the game even more enjoyable.

Once I finish this game (and a few others) I will give Portal 2 a try.  I really should have played Portal before the release of Portal 2, but my misconception of the game concept lead me to believe the game was nothing special, but it is something special and I should have given the game a shot based on Valves reputation alone.