Zegs 2011 Game of the Year List (Or the 13 games I played this year, in order of my preference)

Hey. This is it. The whole thing. Bear in mind that I own no console, though I would include games that I played via the couch at a friends.

So, a general impression of my year of games? I guess it was a half and half. Half good, half meh. Half surprises, half known quantities. But my tastes in games are probably considered quite weird to start with so my general disinterest in what might be considered the 'big' games of the year, especially those on consoles that I would have only experienced partially, might not be so surprising.

Scroll to the bottom and read up if you want to see my scorn turn to happiness, or read from the top if you don't like suspense.

If you would like to hear my scorn there's also www.happysalad.net for the Saladcast. Searchable clips by game! Whiskey powered! Come on guys! We want listeners! (Desperate advertising over).

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