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@zirilius: I'm an enchanter and would like to know the secrets to making bank. :(

I'd like to learn the dungeons as DPS as well, but I'm not 100 yet. Queue times for DPS are an hour long, and half the time it pops, some DPS never readies up.

But DPS never seem to have any patience for a tank learning an instance. Why rush the tank/healer? Who cares if a dungeon takes 25 minutes instead of 15?

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@fredchuckdave: As someone who once healed as a holy paladin and tanked as a warrior/paladin/death knight who now mains a warlock, I make it a point not to get healed. I'll toss out cookies all the time, and no one takes them. I'll walk out of fire, aoe, etc, and I'll be the only one who stops DPS'ing to not take damage. And I'll still be top damage.

A lot of DPS players are just lazy. I think all the grossly over leveled tanks/healers in 660 gear running dungeons made for 500 gear made lazy DPS even worse.

Since you guys are doing heals/tank, I'd do dungeons nice and slow. Watch every cut scene. Mark things for CC. Just to drive the DPS crazy.

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Save your boost for a character that's 60 so you get that sweet profession bump up to 600.

I would have said discipline priest, but since you don't want to play a priest, I'd probably look at druids next.

I've always hated holy paladin healing. It worked great in well knit groups, but everyone just stands in fire nowadays.

As for shaman, I hard a hard time leveling one up to 45, no matter what spec. You may find it fun, but I didn't.

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I'm going to toss Descent Journey into the Dark here. Sure, it has a ton of expansions, but the base game is fun. Everyone I've gotten to play it has gone out and gotten the box for themselves.

It's a dungeon hack and slash game that comes with quests that can be played stand alone or strung together into a narrative quest. Hero characters carry over from one map to the next, so most of the loot and gold carries over. The mechanics are pretty simple and once one person knows the rules, the other players can pick up really quickly. And, once you've got a few games under your belt, you'll be able to play a scenario in under an hour.

It's not fully cooperative, though. One player plays the overlord who controls the monsters. Setup is also very time consuming.

If Star Wars is more your thing, Fantasy Flight (Who also does the X-Wing game, along with a few other Star Wars based card/rpgs) is coming out with a Star Wars game that uses the same engine as Descent this winter.

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Butter poached lobster.

Butter poached shrimp.


Good, fresh, salmon.

Not really super unhealthy, but too expensive to do often at a restaurant, and it feels wasteful to make beurre monte at home to do it yourself.

Yao tiew. If you get dim sum, you can usually get these. They're usually served with jok, but I've seen them on dim sum carts wrapped in noodles.

The Won Ton Gourmet. If you're in the Chicagoland area, this place is in Elk Grove, right on Elmhurst road. Their Hong Kong style food is excellent. They may or may not like gwai lo, so service may not be great. I've never had any problems, nor have my white friends/fiance who accompany me. If it wasn't an almost hour long drive, I'd eat there way too much.

Our culinary program makes these caramel chocolate tarts; I ate 6 servings of them in one sitting. Just shy of 6k calories.

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If you're looking for free audiosoftware, you can't go wrong with Audacity.

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@i_stay_puft: I didn't realize the post processing option also contained AArealize until TotalBiscuit did his port report yesterday. MSAA has a pretty big performance hit. I turned it off and don't notice much of a difference graphically. Not enough to take a 10-15fps hit.

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One of the things that's interesting is that you can scale the rendered resolution. So, you can set your graphical resolution to say 1080p but then set the rendering scale to 70%, so it upscales the image, like what consoles do.

Never seen the option in a PC game.

Running a 7950 at 1200p and the game's smooth as silk. The cutscenes are jarringly off and I've found the main menu has some real performance issue if I drop back to it from the game.

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@raspharus: If you're on a budget, both cash wise and power wise, I'd go with the nVidia 750ti. Make sure it's a ti and not a regular 750, there's a sizable performance difference. They're like $130 USD on Amazon. Otherwise, 970. But if that's not feasible, the 750ti is probably the best you can do in a small form factor that sips power.

I'd ditch AMD. I've been using AMD for quite a while and I'm really tired of "Catalyst Control Panel has stopped working" every time I update my drivers. It's not a matter of uninstalling the drivers and installing new ones, either. I always have to jump through some huge ass loop to get the CCP working again for a few weeks before it crashes on launch again.

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I was wondering why I kept hitting mouse 1&2 when I wanted to walk. It's just one of those actions you do, expecting it to do something. Like the two finger swipe/tap on a laptop.

I really was not enjoying the combat; the camera's simply too zoomed in to play tactically, the auto-center on your selected guy is a pain, and I felt like everyone, including my selected character just attacked the closest target in a 45 cone in front of them.I have a 360 controller. So it's no big deal. But, I didn't have any issues with DA2's KB/M controls, so I find it odd that they seemed to have totally redone it.