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So I've recently purchase a Chromecast and the Giant Bomb video buddy is the best way to stream premium content. It's pretty awesome :)

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Holy shit that song, that's old school. You know I hate to be that guy, but the days back then were so much more raw and crazy. I really do miss them and Ryan...

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I'm actually thinking of playing this again from a completely objective point of view and see if it's actually a good game without rose tinted glasses.

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Man I love the Vinny bizarro casts. The editing with Patrick talking was a bit overkill, I would like it if he played the music live... but it's so much fun than when Jeff hosts it. Jeff sounds so jaded, and bored out of his frickin' mind which spreads to the rest of the cast.

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Okay, I haven't read this yet - but I frickin' LOOOOVED Brave Fencer Musashi when I was younger. I don't remember completing it, so it's actually on my to-play list when I get some time. I absolutely loved the 90's era anime feel, the cheesy but great voice acting and the simple to play gameplay. Goddamn what a game.

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Aren't you? I see 320 points on your profile, and 320 is the highest on that wiki page (pointing to you).

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@thephantomstranger said:

@aquacadet said:

This gif makes me a little worried about PlayStation now's input lag.

That's in optimal conditions. They should probably perpetually call it "in beta" like PS home.

oh god no

Any input lag is going to be exaggerated by a slow-mo. The same would happen for any existing console. I wouldn't make any judgements about the quality of this service until it actually comes out because there are SO many variables.

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@veektarius: I don't know why that caused me to laugh so much, such eloquence.

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@cooljammer00: Did you read Jeff's blog? Because he just posted about this, funny timing...

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I kind of think it's worse. I had a play with it the other day and was surprised and how much worse it is. The DPAD is super great, it's go this kind of clicky feedback that's nice to feel. But the triggers are weird, they're huge and they have this light squishy-feel to them, similar to the PS3. The triggers are also a huge issue like many have said. You can press it where your fingers end, but rather with the middles of the fingers. It's kinda weird.