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It cost a dollar and its fun to play. 0

Z0MBIES!!1 Is a twin stick shooter for up to four local players that really must be experienced to understand.  The enemy spawns are tied in with the rock song in the background which is, in turn, about the game. I would call it a work of art, but that would undermine how much fun it is. Every bit of it is great and if you download the demo it will likely to convince you to drop the 80 msp ($1) for the game....

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Highly competitive online Multiplayer 0

Shadowrun is the most in depth unique and competitive online shooter available today. If you've played counter-strike and loved it, Shadowrun is similar, but it adds magical and tech abilities which create an entire different dimension of play. Though difficult at first, the game is fun once you have the basics down. Any play who loves competitive online play needs to give this game a chance. There is nothing else like it.The downside is that it is kind of limited. There are only a few maps and ...

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One of the most balanced FPS with an extensive ammount of content 0

Halo 3 is, in a word, excellent. Bungie's efforts are clear as every element of this game shines. The campaign is excellent, the multiplayer maps are excellent, the weapons are excellent, you get the idea. It is hard to criticize, but there are some elements that keep Halo 3 from being perfect, but it mostly from the community of players and not from the game itself.The campaign mode is compelling. Despite some people's complaints it is actually quite long. On solo the difficulty scales really w...

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One of the best RPGs ever made. 0

Star Ocean the Second Story is an RPG that no real RPG fan should miss. This game succeeds in every way with its great story, memorable charters, great fighting system, and plenty of extras. Despite feeling a little dated with things like random battles and 2-D art and battles, the game still stands out even when compared to the best games todays systems have to offer.The story of the game focuses on Claude C. Kenny, who while struggling to prove himself to his space captain father is transporte...

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