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The fat one can be modded easily if you want to play import games.

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You could probably buy a used one online for next to nothing at this point. The fat PS2 is the best one to get if you want to play games from outside your region since they may be cheaper.

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I found the traffic signal / battery and speaker / pylon combo weapons to be far more effective at grinding out levels especially at the construction site where there is an ultimate speaker/pylon weapon supplies all in one area on top of a building.

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If you're using DSfix did you disable the in game anti-aliasing before you applied DSfix?

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You can be invaded by NPCs when human in certain spots even if you are playing offline. I never really had any trouble with invaders in my playthrough on the PC version.

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I did but only because they said it was available on amazon prime video for free and I had already wanted to see it before that.

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I wonder if they will try to make your DLC work cross gen. Harmonix has always thought of their later games as individual platforms.

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@bisonhero said:

@capnhaggis: I mean, yeah, you should, but moving your saves and eShop purchases over is impossible (or maybe just an enormous pain? I don't think there is any way to just deauthorize your original 3DS and transfer it all to the new one). But yeah, the screen is really nice.

The 3DS has system transfer. You can use it to bring over your files and remaining wallet balance. It does take a bit though.

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@kablui: Try the PDP trigger grip. The triggers feel kind of awful when you use it but the vita is a lot more comfortable to hold without a lot of added bulk.