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@wrighteous86: They work by using electrical wiring instead of ethernet to provide network connectivity. The tech is really cool and its a decent way to get connectivity to devices in bad wifi areas or where wifi will not provide good or consistent enough performance.

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I got this kit and It has been performing well. Your performance depends highly on your electrical wiring situation. Keep in mind you can't plug them into surge protectors or power strips or you will severely impact performance.

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It was integrated into the PS3 version of Portal 2. It was neat because if you bought a new copy you got cross-buy with the PC version. It would allow you to play with your steam friends on PC or PS3, earn steam achievements and the chat with your steam friends on the steam overlay.

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@krullban: You may have to factory reset the phone to get rid of the corrupt image.

Don't worry too much about which apps are "open" Android is pretty good about managing that all by itself. Disabling GPS doesn't do much since GPS is disabled when its not actively being used by an app. Apps if you find that an app you have installed is misbehaving in regards to location services you should consider uninstalling it.

There is a setting that will disable WiFi when the screen is off and the phone is running on battery. This setting is good because it prevents apps from syncing large files like automatic app updates in the background. It also helps in low connectivity situations by limiting the time the phone spends attempting to get wifi.

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Check out the Razer Blade its the only gaming 'notebook' I've ever seen thats not an ugly boat anchor.

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The MacBook Pro is worth the money. If you want to make apps on iOS a Mac is required even if you are using third party tools. The build quality is fantastic and being able to make an appointment at your local Apple Store's Genius Bar if something goes wrong isn't something you should overlook either. There are a lot of great dev tools that are OS X only like Coda (for web development) and XCode (for iPhone/iPad/OS X apps). If you get a Retina MacBook Pro be sure to pick up the dongles for Ethernet/DVI you never know when you may need them.

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The fat one can be modded easily if you want to play import games.

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You could probably buy a used one online for next to nothing at this point. The fat PS2 is the best one to get if you want to play games from outside your region since they may be cheaper.

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I found the traffic signal / battery and speaker / pylon combo weapons to be far more effective at grinding out levels especially at the construction site where there is an ultimate speaker/pylon weapon supplies all in one area on top of a building.

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