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What is this!?!?!?! 0

    Ok this game is...maby the worst peice of crap since THQ's trucker we have been fooled into buying this game i dont even want to mention all the bugs in the game but there are a large ammount and some are even game breaking, now some of you are like wait a min the 1st game was really good what do you mean this one is bad, well this game is crap it hardly works they tried to make "real life physics" but they nearly all handle like boats with almost no breaks...the "real life" there going for ...

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Whats is this? 0

Ok mount and blade warband i didnt know a single thing about this game before i bought it and i have no idea what made me buy it, but i am glad i did.  This game will not stun you with graffix and still seems like a work in progress (honestly) the game starts out by asking you a few questions and depending on how you answer you will start out looking differnt and have differnt skills or arms now bam you start off in a town and have a single enemy to kill and then this guy comes and gives you que...

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Ok...ummm 0

Well a russian post apoc game woohooo what can go wrong  Ok first off let me just say this game sucked overall it had nice graffix and at times was scary as hell and its not to easy to freak me out while playin a game however this game almost falls short on every other catagory such as weapons, and enemy types, also as it was comming out you may have heard of the currancy issue bullets for stuff.(period for everyone who crys saying i dont use any)well for the most part this is not the case you n...

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What we have all been waiting for 9

HELL YEA this game totally is SHITTY!!!!!!!!! this game was the exact opposite of what i expect from a final fantasy game i mean there is really no mini game what so ever unless you want to count this 10 second gameplay experance where you ride a big machine and kill a few robots, now this game had great CG cut scenes i mean wow on standard def and 1080p there is not much of a differance to see and the game graffix are great really well done and the scenery is great...on grand pulse...otherwise ...

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And then there was this 0

Dante's inferno is a game that kinda takes you to hell if your religious you will kinda be horrified or...angry at the game which is sad because well its a game oh and if your italian and hate this game because it destroyes the poem give it a rest its a game they only use bits and peices of the poem anyways moveing on.  you play as dante's a pictured version of what the dante that wrote the poem would would like if you put your EA goggles on and your commit all 9 hellish sins and then you willin...

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what a BAZILLION people have been waiting for 0

well its here and by the time i wright this review i expect that ohhh 5 million and counting people have experianced this game thereselves and will not really need to read anymore reviews about it but i am board and I dont want to play bio shock 2, dantes inferno, mass effect 2...i am sitting here playing advanced wars 2 on a PSP thats supposed to be played on a GBA...but if you are lucky enough to read this...=^.^= i love you :P  anyways bio shock 1 was a scary game at times i mean first of all...

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A good job...BUT... 1

Divinity 2 well this game cought my eye while i was browsing threw gamestop and i just said well...with gamestops rule its free in a way so what the hell. But to my suprise since no one in gamestop herd anything about it i thought it was going to be a horrible game but it wasent completely the game had great detail and the maps were huge the first map took me like 8 hours to get past and i still didnt finish everything there was to do. and the story was kinda well there has been better *if you d...

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Fable 2 getting better but there are still flaws 0

Ok fable 1 was a great game i mean it was fun had a decent amount of quests and sometimes a 4th playthrew might still hold new things but...what was the problem in that game besides the pre-determined path lv wise well...your character aged like 7 dogs put together were like 90 when you beat the game and there wasent enough to buy you never needed to buy potions or weapons they were kinda...givin to you really but the game was still a opener and got most of us hooked  But now fable 2 is...

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