Posted by zus

Both are coming out soon, and I probably have time to play about one-third of one of them....  so, which one should I get first?

Posted by Spwn

If you have time only to play one-third of a game then I don't think it's worth getting either one. I preordered Radiant Historia so I have confidence in enjoying it, but I may pick Tactics Ogre too if I get some cash to buy a PSP in the near future.

Posted by Vager

I really enjoyed playing tatics ogre when I was young. Despite it being in Japanese.

Posted by Boiglenoight

Getting this as a Valentine's Day gift :)  Opting for the PSN version, UMDs are dead to me with the NGP coming out.

Posted by FancySoapsMan

Radiant History looks more interesting since it's being developed by Atlus.

Posted by Sepultallica86

both are looking to be excellent, so it comes down to JRPG or tactic styled.

Posted by zus
@keef: oh yeah? ngp looks like one heeeeeellll of an expensive machine. day one purchase?
Posted by zus
@FancySoapsMan: true. i'm excited for it since a bunch of the people worked on radiata stories as well, and i enjoyed that game to no end. still, i think tactics ogre will be my first take-anywhere rpg love for the year.
Posted by Boiglenoight
@zus: Probably. My brother sent me an early birthday gift card for $150 at Amazon.  That's at least a down payment. :D
Posted by Marcsman

I loved Tactics Ogre for the PSOne.
Posted by ttocs

Two totally different games.  Do you want a SRPG?  Then go with Tactics.  Do you want a more traditional Atlus RPG?  Then go with Radiant.  It's as easy as that.