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Hey! My friend code is 2466-1836-1723. I'll add the last page and the ones that follow. Otherwise, let me know if you want to add me!

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Adding from the most recent and up. I have ~40 people who haven't responded.

Name: Ben


Type: Poison

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Yeah, it'd take the wind out of some folks' sails. It might be neat to have down the line though.

Also, I have added everyone up to here. I have one spot left. I'll clear people out who haven't added me by tomorrow.

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@lanechanger: Thanks Lane! I was able to find it, but I'm curious as to what my safari type is.

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Hey folks! I've added everyone up to this point in the thread. Finished the game, but I am still unsure as to what my safari is. If anyone could let me know, I'd appreciate it!


Edit: could have worded it better, I'm curious as to my safari's typing.

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Friend Code: 2466-1836-1723

Pokemon Y

I don't know which safari type I have yet, but I'm almost there.

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I'm in too.

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@SlightConfuse said:

@JJOR64: the server is for the real money auction house i think

It's measure that combats hacking and privacy whilst enforcing an item economy in which they benefit from. For Blizzard, the perks are numerable.

I just wish that they staggered the release.

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