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Proun is a wire racer, developed by Joost van Dongen, and released with a "pay what you want" model in 2011. The sound and music were designed by Arno Landsbergen. The game is currently available for PC (XP/Vista/7), and includes editing tools, for use with 3D Sudio MAX, that allow users to create new courses.

An enhanced version of the game, named Proun+, was released for iOS in 2014. Android and 3DS versions were released in 2015.


Proun was developed as a "solo project" by Joost "Oogst" van Dongen, roughly over 6 years. Conceptual ideas and even code for Proun was the basis for several games Joost made prior, including Speed Core (a class project at Utrecht School of the Arts in 2004 and De Blob (a school project in 2006, later picked up by THQ). Around 2006, Joost settled on an art-style based off the expressionist abstract works of Wassily Kandinsky, and later adopted the name "Proun" from El Lissitzky's abstract works. In 2009, after several years working at Romino Games in the Netherlands, he found Arno Landsbergen to provide the music and sound for Proun, and continued development as a side-project until its release in June, 2011.

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