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Essentially, the plot states that the evil Krakken appears at a local hoverdek (hoverboard-esque) park where some "dekkers" (skateboarders, but more futuristic) are practicing their hoverdek moves. At this point, Krakken kidnaps most of these kids and magically transforms them into his minions, in an attempt to make the hoverdek park his new home. Somehow, he has missed the main characters, Mai and Xako (pronounced... Zacko?!) and thus it is up to them to foil Krakken's evil plans.


The game consists of two different sections.
The first is where the player travels down a long course on their hoverdek, collecting stars that are either scattered carelessly around the place, or contained within enemies (the stars are harvested by jumping on their heads).
The second is a shooting gallery.


The game has an average rating of 48% on Game Rankings, including a sweet 5.1 from Gamespot, and 2.5 out of 10 from Electronic Gaming Monthly.
Gamer Revolution listed Psybadek at #8 in their list titled The 50 worst game names of all time, beating out "Totally Rad" and "James Pond: Codename RoboCod". It was edged out of 7th place by "Nuts & Milk"

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