Psychonauts on Xbox Market Place can't play on HDMI or VGA! WTF?

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So I download Psychonaughts from Xbox Live Market Place the play on my 360 and find that it is incompatible with HDMI or VGA connections. I understand that there are issues with porting Xbox games to the 360 and that not all games are backwards compatible, but if you are going to sell this on the market place it is totally ridiculous to do so without fixing it up to work with all 360 setups!

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Wow, so far I haven't dl'ed any Xbox Originals, but I always thought they had at least fixed the VGA/HDMI issues on the digital distributions of the Xbox games. This is not the case?!
Epic fail.

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Are you PAL or NTSC?  I'm pretty sure I did NTSC VGA fine, but I may have still been using component at that point.  Don't remember.

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I have NSTC Xbox 360 (Which just got RROD :() and I recently bought the original disk version of Psychonauts. I can guarantee it works fine on a 1080p TV connected with a HDMI cable.

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Naturally it does. This is, of course, a PAL issue.

#6 Posted by Vaxadrin (2319 posts) -

Well there's your problem, not living in a real country.

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Vaxadrin said:
"Well there's your problem, not living in a real country."
I really do hate being PAL
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yeah its a pal issue but i do believe when they release the next fall update it will contain a huge fix for alot of BC games and new BC games.

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Yeah I used VGA with Psychonauts and had no problem.

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I'm in Australia with PAL and i have the exact same problem. I was very excited to have Max Payne and Max Payne 2 out on market place so i downloaded both only to find that neither work so thats 2400 points down the drain, thanks Microsoft, very impressive.

I use a VGA HD AV cable running on a computer monitor and it plays all my 360 and arcade games perfectly but apparently when i try to play their crappy emulated xbox games they sell to everyone on market place i get a 'screw you change your cable' message.

If they cant be bothered with PAL users, how about a notice on the download info of these xbox originals to let people know they wont work before they buy them. Guess they only have room for their 'there are no refunds for this download' message.

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America:  all your VGA and HDMI are belong to us!

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poor form from Microsoft, agree that a disclaimer is required

#14 Posted by j0rdan (221 posts) -

Yeh I couldnt play it through VGA due to it not supporting 60hrtz, or only supporting 60htrz, one of the two.

But now Im on HDMI and it works fine again.

Also works through coposite and component.

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Update ...
I've just bought this game (original xbox copy) and it works FINE with the HDMI on the 360 ...
Im in England on a PAL system

#16 Posted by Nintendude (312 posts) -
@killdave: Ok great, thanks for the info. I might buy this trough XBLA since I forgot to get the few copies I planned on the 2€ Steam discount.
#17 Posted by SamFo (1639 posts) -
thanks for this!!!

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