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Ten fighters from the Battle Arena Toshinden universe compete in a typical versus puzzle format. Player 1 is located in the left panel, whereas Player 2 is located on the right panel, and the goal is for one player to defeat the other.

Sofia vs. Duke Rambert
Sofia vs. Duke Rambert

Gameplay is nearly identical to the Puyo Puyo series of games, where players are tasked with matching like-colored blobs in rows or columns of three. Matching three will then send difficult-to-clear garbage blobs over to the opponent's side of the screen, and linking together multiple matches in a sequence will greatly increase the amount of garbage blobs sent to the opponent.

Unique to Puzzle Arena Toshinden is the addition of a Super Meter. By making repeated matches in rapid succession, players fill up a meter next to their play field. Once filled to a certain point, the player can spend their Super Meter to either attack their opponent in some way, or clear out garbage blobs on their side of the screen (not unlike Tetris Battle Gaiden). Additionally, players can taunt each other to steal Super Meter away from their opponent. The Super Meter itself will slowly drain over time, encouraging players to move quickly and make as many matches as possible.

A player is defeated when their play field fills up all the way to the top.

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