Do these Quake compilations include anything extra?

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I've been looking at Quake packages on Amazon, with the holiday season coming up. There's a compilation called Quake: The Offering, which includes vanilla Quake plus both mission packs. However, as you can see, the one remaining offer on it is insanely expensive. So I'm wondering - is there anything about that specific package that can't be acquired anywhere else, or is it just a big box with all three parts and no bonus pack-ins? 
I also have the same concern about Quake 2: Quad Damage. If it's nothing more than a compilation without any exclusive goodies, then I don't want to waste money when it'd be cheaper to purchase the pieces separately.
Finally, I know from listening to the chatter on the TNT back in August that Quake takes a bit of finagling to get running. What are the essentials, and where are some must-visit sites for necessary clients/add-ons/mods/maps/etc. that I should grab? 
Thanks in advance!

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Dude, almost 80 bucks? By that shit all separately, Quake and its two mission packs shouldn't be more than 20 or 30 bucks this day and age. Fuck that. Same with Quake 2. They're on Steam, aren't they? The compilations MIGHT have some sort of thing to make them work better with modern systems, but source ports are easy enough to find online. EZQuake, etc.
Also, both were before the days of copy protection and DRM if you know what I mean ;D.
jk. Don't pirate. Pirating if baaaad.

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