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REVIEW: Quantum Theory 0

I find myself in a strange quandary with this game;  not being required to play and review video games for the masses gives me a security blanket of being able to play only games I like and not bother with ones I know I will hate, thus I present my dilemma of taking the time to write why this game should be avoided or pretend that the last 10 hours of my life ceased to exist.  Some time and consideration has pressed me to the conclusion that no matter how many people read this, I feel it is my ...

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A lot of hate for this little game.. 0

Ok so I came into Quantum theory expecting very little from it...I mean come on we all herd the basic tag line for this game, "Japanese Gears of War" once I herd this I sighed. Let me get this point across, I bought this when it was only 20 dollars because I don't recommend getting this at full price. Now thats out of the way I can continue....  First off the concept of the game is pretty much a gears clone which to me is not necessarily a bad thing because gears was awesome. I was worried about...

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Review: Quantum Theory 0

By: Craig H.On paper Quantum Theory looks like an intriguing new IP. The game may take a few cues from Gears of War but what new game doesn’t? Unfortunately, not everything is as it appears. The game feels dated at release with poor visuals, bad shooting mechanics, horrible pacing and a bad checkpoint system that punishes you again and again.In Quantum Theory a great war wreaked havoc and devastation upon humanity. Long after the devastation a tower has risen from within an abandoned city. The t...

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