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Rage looks good but Borderlands is better

Don't get me wrong, Rage is a pretty game. It looks amazing with it's crystal clear graphics but honestly, with the lack of ANY customization in the game it's kind of dull. It's extremely similar to Borderlands but out of the two, Borderlands is definitely the better game. Rage has a cool story line but it's nothing you haven't seen before. You can't customize your character, weapons, you don't have any special abilities, and you don't get skill points.This in turn makes this game a bit bland. However, if you're looking for a game that is more about shooting bad guys and completing quests this is it. All in all, a pretty good game

Posted by Mensyn

Great points! Yes RAGE looks great, and is highly competent at what it does, but it could really use some level of RPG-ness. Without any character customization there isn't much of a reason to continue playing past the story. Plenty of room for that in a sequel...assuming that doesn't force the game on to 4 or 5 discs!

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